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    Default Making a beach scent

    Last summer I was totally obsessed with finding a "beach" scent - something that smelled like sea spray, coconut oil, suntan lotion, maybe with a subtle floral undertone. I was disappointed - every fragrance I tried was too sweet (Eau ud Pacifique), too sharp (Michael Kors Island) or just completely different to what I wanted (Bobbi Brown Beach - I'm sorry, that doesn't smell like a beach to me!).
    So I've decided to make one myself. Can anyone please advise me on mixing oils or chemicals to acheive the following smells:

    Sea spray - how to get that salty smell?
    Suntan lotion/coconut oil - can I use coconut oil for this, or do I need a chemical? Is there a suntan lotion-smelling chemical available?

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    Default Re: Making a beach scent

    From what I know, saltyness can be obtained with a pepper&citrus accord. Ozonic notes usually associated with sea breeze are obtained with Calone (methylbenzodioxepinone). Consider also that certain orris root could add a buttery touch in the vein of certain suncreams. Coconut oil will be good to remember monoi, but I suggest you to add just a shadow of tiaré essence that, besides adding a floral touch, it's used in scenting the monoi oil too. However beware from using more than just a hint of coconut and tiaré.

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    Default Re: Making a beach scent

    For a beach smell you could try Mare by Creative Universe

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