Last night was poker night. I play with some friends, male and female. I wore Obsession Night and also decided to test spray Norma Kamali Incense (1 spray) on my left forearm. It took just two minutes for the NK Incense to get noticed and it was not positive. The girls I play with are beween mid 20s to late 30s and they all collectively hated the smell of NKI. On the other hand they loved the Obsession Night on my neck. One of them, kept smelling my neck and at one point said I just want to bite you. (I know, another bitten thread, but she did refrain.) They really did not believe me when I told them how expensive the NK Incense is for a bottle. A few of them commented that it smelled just like a got off a plane from India. (I for one, don't get this impression, I just thought it smelled like burning incense). But I was surprised how much every single one of them loved the Obsession Night.