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    Default Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    Is it just me or Fou d'Absinthe is very similar to KenzoAir? I have a test strip right now with Fou d'Absinthe and I can't make much of a difference between this and KenzoAir. Could it be the anise in them? Both share the same fresh-boozy character to me...

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    I've only smelled Fou d'Absinthe once in passing, but it did seem very similar to Kenzoair. Both scents are pleasant, but seem very transparent and fleeting.


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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    I can't detect any similarities between KenzoAir and Fou d'Absinthe. KenzoAir is a very soft and mellow composition mainly based on Vetiver and Anise, while FdA is a very strong, longlasting (at least on me) mixture of a whole bunch of spices and absinthe. One of the heaviest L'Artisans I know.

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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    To me the spices are barely noticeable in Fou d'Absinthe, and I wouldn't call it (or other L'Artisans for that matter) strong and heavy; to me is very light, with a prominent booze note in it (they say it's absinthe, but I don't know how absinthe smells like). I also detect the same boozy note in KenzoAir (only that Kenzo doesn't list absinthe as a note in its fragrance)...
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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    Wearing Fou d'Absinthe to work right now and noticed something new. It has a dry, almoust sand like note in it. Reminds me of Voleur's dirty leaves. I thought that maybe someone has been out on the field (in the woods) doing something, but realised that the smell was from the frag...


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    Default Re: Fou d'Absinthe = KenzoAir ?

    I don't know about Fou d'Absinthe, I'm going to try that one out, but I noticed that Terre d'Hermes dries down after about an hour into something "vetivery" that smells almost exactly like KenzoAir, plus it has good staying power, something I've always wished that KenzoAir had more of because it's a great light warm-weather scent - to me the concentree version doesn't really smell the same...


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