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    Smile "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    What are they? Here goes:

    “Nose” scents. Alternate names: “Enthusiast” scents, “Basenoter" scents. Great scents that are complex, clever and intriguing, but don’t real feel truly at home on your skin. Some of my unscientific qualifications:

    • Rarely worn in large amounts. It’s a cool and clever scent, but you’re scared to subject others to it, lest you get a reaction like DustB did below.

    • Requires focus to appreciate. To really appreciate it, you have to put your wrist to your nose and inhale slow and deeply. The complexity and quality is can’t be appreciated by others who might catch the silage. If too much is applied, you may get results like this hilarious quote from DustB yesterday:
    Quote Originally Posted by DustB
    Once when I wore Tea for Two a friend asked if I had been smoking dope. Another time I was wearing it a passerby in a shop said I smelled like mothballs. A third time a friend hugged me and asked what kind of special wood closet I kept my coat in.

    • More likely from a niche or high-end designer. DB’s post brigs this to mind.

    • Model car effect: Like an expensive model car, you feel the need to take it out, dab a little and “play” with it even if its not your SOTD.

    “Body” scents. Great scents that blend well with your chemistry (sweat well ). These are scents you feel comfortable dousing yourself with. They are noticed and appreciated as unique by others around you.

    I didn’t list any frags because one person’s body scent might be another person’s nose scent.

    Hope this doesn't come across as a bunch of babble.
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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I totally agree with these distinctions, and think that my very favorite scents are the ones that fall directly in the middle of these two spectrums. Forget weird comments people get, think of all the things people think but don't have the guts to say! I've gotten a good number of compliments but I've also had my fare share of odd looks and confused people. That's part of the fun though, and it makes us better people because we let go of being self-concious.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I never thought about it this way but I do have nose scents. I love them madly, and wear them rarely. Fumerie Turque and Jalaine's Gardenia come first to mind.
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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I gather my "nose" scents would be those extremely bold and daring frags that i only wear at home for my own enjoyment such as Yatagan and Givenchy Gentleman.

    Apart from those types, i proudly wear all my niche scents as "body" scents, varying the application as suits the occasion/mood.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I think "nose scents" are also great for another person who respects and enjoys using fragrances as much as you do. It can be fun competition to see who has the best nose scents.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I generally wear all my favorites regularly as scents of the day (with variation for season, mood, occasion, etc.). But one I tend to wear on my wrist around the house far more than I give it a full wearing is Donna Karan Black Cashmere.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    The answer for me is the "nose" scent will automaticaly mix with your "body" scent even if it is on a jumper and not on skin - this will create you own scent.
    Of course the "nose" scent will still be here but with a variance and that is the alchemy of perfume .

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    well, scents like jacomo de jacomo Rouge smell amazin close to skin, i havent encountered many like it in terms of the dense spicy woody character...just love it..brings ona smile every time i put it on but, the projection farther from skin is not all tht clear....same goes with davidoff echo...body scens for me would be, ahem, Body kouros.., projects just the way you expect it to...

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    Most L'Artisan and Parfumerie Generale frags are Nose scents.... i'm sure there would be more.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    from what i gather, nose scents are those that require a certain degree of taste acquiring and more detailed attention to the effort and quality invested in the formulation? still having alot to learn about niche frags.... though after sampling creed - the only niche frag available here - im starting to have a better idea about appreciation.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I think this is an interesting dichotomy OlfaOmega has here, but few of the fragrances I like personally seem to fit wholly into one category or the other. Most of my favorite juice seems to be either:

    1) Complex stuff that DOES feel at home on my skin, but requires me to look as though I’m doing imaginary lines of coke from my wrist whenever I want to smell it. (L’Artisan’s Primier Figuier, Malle’s Angeliques sous la Pluie)

    2)Big bold stuff that is the olfactory equivalent of arriving at a party with a full-blood Pekinese; It gets people’s attention, but clearly comes with me rather than from me. (Tobbac Vanille, Fleur du Mal, Terre d’Hermes)

    I’ll be interested to see what other posters identify as their “body scents.” I’d like to find a few!

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    An interesting dichotomy. By these measures, virtually every scent I own would qualify as a "nose" scent. I like my scents to make a statement, reflect my current mood, and/or complement my wardrobe for the day. On the other hand, I won't wear a scent that doesn't smell "good" on me just for novelty's sake or shock value. Heck, I can get shock value and smell good wearing tuberose, dirty musk, or civet.

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I think most folks would put the fabled MKK in the nose category. Takes a pretty bold person to wear it and lots of people wouldn't "get" it. Me? it's like Vibert's love of Le Parfum de Thérèse. If you are wearing it and see a dark-haired woman stalking you, just call my sweetie and he'll drag me back home >; )

    For men's body scents, lots of the frags in the Diptyque line are falling into this category for me, especially Tam Dao. I love that it sort of fades a bit early but you still catch a thread of the scent unexpectedly every so often. It's like hearing a very clever observation where the initial statement is so obvious you sort of dismiss it, then you get that little grin as the subtle, deeper meaning dawns on you several hours later...completely irresistable.
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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I guess I have a similar, but different distinction
    1. Stuff it is fun to smell. Demter fragrance library, Serge Lutens, Dry erase marker, 53, napalm in the morning, coffee (I mean, real coffee, not Rochas Man imaginary coffee, ).

    2. Stuff that it is fun to wear (The perfumes of my wardrobe). They can be complex or simple, lauded or not.
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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    I'm not into "body scents" because I think it's someone else's body! LOL. Seriously, I sometimes think somebody just walked into the room, because I just don't associate the smell with myself (something like Polo, for example).

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    Default Re: "Body" scents vs "Nose" scents

    This is a very interesting set of distinctions, and one that I've given some thought to as well. I definitely have some scents that I wear mainly at home or on days when I'm out and about but not in the company of others so much. The aoud scents from Montale fall onto this"nose scent" side for me. Generally, they are scents that I wish to wear when I can enjoy their qualities and development without worrying about the reactions from others. There are some tuberose scents that come under this heading as well - there are times when I want to marinate myself in them, which would make me persona non grata at work, on transit, etc.

    On the skin scent side for me would be most of the more classic eau de colognes that I wear, along with green and green floral fragrances.

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