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    Default Aussie Basenoters - McQueen's Kingdom

    Well, you've seen so many of our foreign colleagues go ape over this women's scent. The 100ml fully boxed bottle of Kingdom is currently on sale at "My Chemist" for A$39.99.

    The way I see it, you can't really lose. Either -
    a. This walking on the wild side of scents is for you or,
    b. After you've finished wondering what madness has possessed our colleagues, your wives or girlfriends will love you when you then proceed to give it to them as a totally unexpected present. Just be sure to tell them you were thinking of them when you felt compelled to buy it.

    P.S. If you do go to that shop, don't forget to check out Versace's Time To Relax at A$18.99 per 100ml bottle - this is a true unisex scent, with extremely good lasting power - much better, in my opinion, than the many far more expensive, yet similar niche ones.
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