Hi All,

I posted last week under the topic "Now I see what all the fuss is about.." referring to the fact that I had finally got to try the oft-exalted Lutens' Chergui.

Now I'll preface this by saying:

- I don't usually like sweet fragrances (L'Instant / Dior Homme are "daringly" sweet for me)
- until now, I've been equivocal about Lutens, thinking they were too strong and too left field for me, with the possible exception of Daim Blond.

Anyway, this weekend I went back to have another sniff at Chergui, and my first impressions were right. This is one of the most seductive, gorgeous, finest frags I have ever smelt. I must have it!!! Even if I decide it is too sweet for me, I'll just spray it on my wrist every now and then for the sheer pleasure, or better still, give it to my wife and I can smell it on her!

I was wearing a jumper and it obviously rubbed off on the sleeve. 36 hours later I can still smell it so strongly on the sleeve - honey, caramel, vanilla, sweet bakery spices.

I must buy it before the short Australian winter finishes!