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Thread: habit rouge edp

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    i was reading reviews of this and everyone talks about the agarwood note. now there is no agarwood listed in the perfume notes so is the edp different (meaning also containing agarwood) from the edt or something(lacking agarwood)?

    and does anyone know where to buy this stuff???
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    Yes, the EDP is different than the EDT. They are both Habit Rouge, but the EDP has some notes that are not in the EDT. For a more complete explanation, I recommend Scentemental’s comparative review of the different Habit Rouge versions in the Basenotes Directory.

    One online retailer where I know you can buy Habit Rouge EDP is:

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    A very kind BN member (MJH) sent me half a bottle! I was also lucky enough to win one off ebay for £20, less than half retail.

    Think of Habit Rouge EDP as a mix between HR and M7! Its true! Works very well too!

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    thanks for the explanation fellaz. i will stay on the lookout.

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