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    Default Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Well, I got a sample of John Varvatos a while back, but I didn't decide to wear it until today.

    So, I put it on, and... WOW! Why didn't I try this before... even though it's been on the market for 2 years?

    The opening started powerful... sorta like L'Artisan's Tea for Two, but a bit stronger and with a bit more woodiness. So far, so good...

    Are there any other fans of this scent here?

    P.S.: The new Varvatos Vintage sounds good, too... can't wait for its arrival.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    John Varvatos is my most worn scent in the fall and winter. I'm definitely a fan. I find it works well in a variety of settings.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I used to be big into it, but as I got more well-versed in leather scents, the vanilla base started to get on my nerves. I am, however, very excited for Varvatos Vintage.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I like it a lot. One of my favorites in the fruity leather cathegory. If you love this one you should try SL Daim Blond. A very smooth and elegant combination of apricot kernel and suede/leather. Thanks for reminding me that I have to test the Vintage.


    P.S.: I love the Slip In Chucks designed by Varvatos.
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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Absolutely love Varvatos in the cooler soft and smooth and girlfriend sprayed it on a tshirt once when I was leaving for a three day trip to Charlotte, North Carolina and took the shirt home with her to make her feel closer to me while I was lasted on the shirt until I came back and she still links the scent to that experience

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    im not the biggest fan of it, i thought when i put in on for the first time that it was pretty interesting, but i didn't feel myself with it on, you guys know the deal, if you don't like it, you just can't wear it

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Yes, i'm a fan. I don't think there's a lot of leather in it so i don't consider it as one. It's the medjool date note that gets me. Lovely, smooth.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Yes....I am a fan of John Varvatos..... and I am also looking forward to the New J Varvatos scent.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I love it.

    You have good taste.

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    Smile Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I own it and like it. As Acmeee said, I also tend to prefer JV in the cooler weather. The date note is definitely evident on my skin, the vanilla seems to back it up and the leather note seems to be in there for's a bit subdued, not raging....but it's there.
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    Smile Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Hi, I also own & like this frag but didn't wear it as often as others I had until the following happened to me....... I wore it to the office about a month back and a girl in the accounts dept. who was stood next to me at the coffee machine swooned 'Oh my god, you smell gorgeous!', I had to wait for my huge smile to disappear before turning around to her and telling her it was Varvatos. 'Varva - what' she replied. I ended up writing it down on a piece of paper for her as she wanted to buy it for her boyfriend. So I now wear it at least once a week just to see if I get any more reactions like that.

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    Smile Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    Yes John Varvatos is amazing! I wear it in fall/winter. I currently have a 4.2 oz bottle of it and can't wait to start wearing it! I am buying Vera Wang very soon and in a month or so I am going to get L'Eau D'Issey. L'Eau is my fav. scent of all time so far! I highly recommend that one, and vera too! Those three r my fav. scents so far. And in Spring/Summer I wear Cool Water Deep. I never knew a new Varvatos scent was coming out. Thanks! Will have to look out for it!

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    .......Love the stuff...........

    .......One of my staples for office environs.......

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I think it's excellent, it is the perfect winter/evening fragrance, it exudes warmth and romance. I was rather undecided on it for a while because I feel it has absolutely no use in warm daytime weather at all, but after evaluating it I know it is well worth it if even for evening and cool days.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I was undecided for a while, but after getting a sample from Sephora and wearing it around last night I am SOLD. Lovely stuff. Plus I got a compliment from a girl that I see nearly every day who has NEVER complimented a specific frag of mine before (she had mentioned that I tend to smell good but had never said something like "you smell good right now".) I will be getting it very soon.

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    Default Re: Any John Varvatos fans here?

    I'm intrigued by your descriptions. When I heard 'fruity leather', however, I immediately thought of something like True Star Men (or whatever it's called). That has a saffron/fruit/leather/etc accord that reminds me of a discount shoe store. Can Varvatos be compared to TSM or anything else?


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