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    Default Osmoz Men and Fragrances test

    Long time ago I took the Men and Fragrances test on the Osmoz website. The result was that the most suitable fragrance family for me is the Oriental one. And it was right; the scents that I enjoy the most and match with my personality are the orientals.

    Recently I tried almost all of the L'Artisans and without knowing in which category were all of the different fragrances included, I enjoyed the most Passage d'Enfer, Patchouli Patch and Dzing!. After I tried them I saw on L'Artisan website that all of these three are included in their Oriental Elixirs collection. Now I really need to try Ambre Extreme as they didn't have it in stock.

    Anyone else took this test? Does the result match your prevalent tastes?

    Here is the link with the test:

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    Default Re: Osmoz Men and Fragrances test

    Thanks for the link! I took the test and was informed that I favor scents from the Woody family. After running through the many representative lists of woody-type categories, I find most of my favorites to be listed. I guess it really did peg my tastes pretty good. Thanks again for the message and link!


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