Went to the ATL (Atlanta) this past weekend with my family. The Georgia Aquarium was a HUGE letdown. Way too crowded, no real WOW factor, Ripley's Aquarium at Myrtle Beach, SC is better. IMO. Had a great time at Turner Field on Friday. My Reds beat the Braves! (1 out of 4, 'nuff said).

First neat find was original Lacoste at Marshall's. 1 OZ for $9.99. It's a fresh, green scent.

Went to Sephora at Perimeter Mall. They had a clearance rack near the register with some eye openers on it. Gendarme 4 OZ spray for $30, 2 OZ for $22. I got the big one; it appears to be fresh stock with the "new" style lid and clear color (old Gendarme can turn yellow). I also picked up a 1.6 OZ of a Comptoir Sud Pacifique 1.6 OZ spray for $5; can't remember the name, but it smells like Boss Baldessarini.

I also received my package of other scents in the mail. The CK One Summer 2005 is especially nice. It's like Creed Royal Water mixed with Clinique Happy.

I also tried Bond No. 9 Fire Island and Bleecker Street. Fire Island is real nice and does smell like upscale sun tanning lotion. Bleecker Street is a disappointment to me; highly similar to mainstream scents like Mont Blanc Starwalker, Boss Bottled and that ilk. It's OK, but not what I expected.

A scent that I did like was a Pal Zileri scent that had a No. 18 flag on it. They had it at Nordie's.