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    Default Battle of the Barbershops?

    I'm a huge citrus fan. Both Trufitt & Hill and Geo Trumper offer "west indian limes" colognes. Now the idea of a short lived but fantastic blast of Lime is very appealing to me but neither have any any reviews here on basenotes, SO....

    .......anyone tried em? ......What did you think? ......Could I wear one for a few minutes / a short time and then wear something else afterwards?


    While checking out their websites I got the feeling there were two players in a very similar market here, perhaps offering similar products. How do they line up?

    Any thoughts appreciated,
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    Default Re: Battle of the Barbershops?

    I work in london and visit them all, luckily!

    To be quite honest i like taylors of old bond street the best! Especially Mr Taylors Cologne, which has a citrus lemon lime edge, but enhanced with lots of cedarwood. And it lasts!

    Both Trufitt & Hill and Geo Trumper offer fantastic ranges, and are very good shops. Have a look at Taylors though, they have lime too! and will send you a brochure / samples.


    please please try Mr Taylors Cologne, and rose shaving cream is just the most amazing cream ever! victorian lime is my secret , leave it alone !

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    Default Re: Battle of the Barbershops?

    A lot of the Barber shop places are really nice. If you email Trumpers, they will send you a nice package of samples and whatnot. Mine included their lime fragrance. It is not a particularly practical scent but I think it fits the bill for what you're looking for. I'm pretty sure it comes in a 200ml splash bottle which is cool too, you can really go overboad! I wouldn't be surprised if Truffit also sent free samples, but sorry I coulnd't tell you from experience.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Barbershops?

    i've tried both of the west indian limes from truefitt and hill and geo. f. trumpers. though i like them both, i would choose truefitt and hill's version, as it seems to have a much more palatable drydown as well as better longevity. as others have said, both companies are worth contacting if you're interested in acquiring samples of their products (though i do not have their contact info.). good luck!

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