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    Default Designer fragrance for the summer?

    Could anyone recommend a nice fresh aquatic designer fragrance for the summer? ( I already have acqua di gio and cool water ). Thanks
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    Default Re: Designer fragrance for the summer?

    Not sure if this is designer but bvlgari aqva is the way to go for me.

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    Default Re: Designer fragrance for the summer?

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    Default Re: Designer fragrance for the summer?

    Bulgari Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari - Initially, one is slapped with a bitter citrus, provided by the sharp grapefruit and sour neroli brigarade, slowy tempered by the fruitiness of sweet melons and somewhat medicinal cucumber. From afar, a sprinkling of saltiness beckons the invigorating opening to its waiting middle. Here, in the heart, a magnificent stew brews with the pine-like, tangy rosemary flower, coupled with what I venture to say is calone with its watery, marine and ozone accord as well as posidonia, with its sea grass, vegetal highlight and oceanic spiciness, to furnish a delightful, fresh, seashore apparition. Transitioning to its untroubled base, white cedarwood with its crisp, dry and clean woodiness carries the piece to its comforting drydown. This unique, brine composition, a treat to be enjoyed in the warm weather of spring and summer, has good projection and average longevity.


    L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo - Initially, one is treated to a biting and sparkling blast of yuzo, somewhere between a grapefruit and a mandarin orange, with its lemon-like tangy and floral aspects. This sharp and bright citrus slowly pairs with ho leaf, which tinges the pseudo-lemon with its spicy and sweet, floral and rosewood overtones, yielding an almost lemon, furniture polish accord, morphing the stark citrus into a luscious smoothness. The refreshing, watery middle beckons. Here, in the heart, the pseudo-lemon is immersed in a bath of lotus flower, with its lovely, water lily greenness with a hint of mint, sharp and fresh ozone notes, as well as refreshful aquatic notes, with its faint, marine and mint accord, and steeps into a soothing lemonade. Pleasant white musk usurps the cool blend into the awaiting base, imparting its sweet and floral facets, and its cohort, green pepper, adds a kiss of earthiness before meandering to the light and airy drydown. A wonderful fragrance to be turned to in the heat of the summer, this fresh and crisp composition is a vibrant, green, lemony and woody scent, and has average longevity and projection. In the sweaty dog days of the summer, you need this!

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