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Thread: My First Creed

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    Smile My First Creed

    After months of deliberation got bitten by the Creed Bug. Wearing my first Creed (GIT) today and happy that i got it .

    Wondering what to try next

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    Congrats! Which one was it?
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    Congrats on the GIT. Enjoy!

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    @Hednic - Thanks, it was GIT
    @sjg3839 - Thanks

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    Creed: Aventus, GIT, Royal Oud, Original Vetiver
    Tom Ford: Oud Wood
    Bond no9: New Harlaam

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    +1 Aventus.. if i could only own two creed's it would be GIT and Aventus.

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    Congrats on your latest endeavor on Creed. I remember getting my 1st Creed some years ago; it was Original Vetiver. I really enjoyed it. Several months my 2nd was Millesime Imperial. Now some 23bottles later I have to admit, I like Creed for other reasons.

    Creed is a solid fragrance house. It's not too intrusive, and to be honest most of the scents last between 5hours-9hours. Some can last longer; yet that depends on how its worn.

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    Congratulations on Your first Creed!!! Great Choice!!!

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