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    Thumbs up Great L'Artisan boutique experience

    I went into the L'Artisan Parfumeur boutique on the Marylebone High St in London today to pick up some Tea For Two and I just wanted to let you all know that I had a really good experience. The SAs were very friendly and relaxed and were very liberal with the samples!

    The different fragrances were presented with pieces of gauze that I guess had been dipped or sprayed, and kept in small bowls. I love this idea - it gave an incredibly clear and neutral impression of each fragrance. It was fascinating to perceive properly for the first time the differences between, say, PF and PFE (and reassuring to be confirmed in my preference for the latter!) This is definitely something other places should take note of. It was much better than spraying on a card - including those at the Haute Perfumerie in Harrods, which are usually only base notes by the time I get to them (there, they spray them first thing in the morning - it's a good idea but the gauzes at the L'Artisan shop seemed to display the heart notes of the frags as well, instead of just the bases).

    My only regret was that they didn't have any Fleurs d'Oranger to try!

    Hats off, chaps. Now create some more frags that I actually like rather than simply admire (oh, VdR, why do you turn to Ribena on me?) and I'll be well happy

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    Default Re: Great L'Artisan boutique experience

    I was treated exceedingly well when I visited the new shop on the upper East Side of Manhattan a few weeks ago, and at the little "shop-in-a-shop" at Henri Bendel's too. I even got to meet the President of the company when he stopped by to check on things. Everyone was very enthusiastic!

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    Default Re: Great L'Artisan boutique experience

    I'm a big fan of L'Artisan's boutique on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village in NY. The salespeople are so nice, and then Cafe Habana is just a few blocks away...

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