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Thread: Teaser #59

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    Valentino Valentino?

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    Thank you for not giving up. Valentino's first Valentino is in the Directory, so...

    "Landless stranger" and "the friend of heart"...

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    Mmm.... trying to combine ancient Florence with comedy movies here... but the only thing that comes to my mind related to these is italian, yep, but listed in the directory and not matching with all the notes.... I need to scratch my melon more maybe....

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    OK, now that Magnifiscent is back, here is another clue:
    Name of the fragrance: _________ "landless stranger"
    Name of the Company: __________ "friends, buddies".

    All in French, although it is an Italian company and the fragrance is very Italian, released in 2005. Imagination Perfumery carries it though.

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    Ok, pour les amis, Les Copains... mais où sont les nomades???

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    It's the right company but a different fragrance. Come on, guys, we are almost there!

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    Thank you for still working on this one. You, Basenoters, are my inspiration. I wish I knew French well enough to understand what exactly my friend Magnifiscent wrote. But I guess, we should say another one bites the dust, don't you think?

    The new Les Copains pour Femme (in a black box with a butterfly="landless stranger" ) also known as Les Copains Papillon on the European forums and not widely known on this side of the Atlantic, was the fragrance in question. It is new and interesting, to say the least. I suppose, I was expecting Magnifiscent (or Tovah, or Musse, or someone else) to say "black box", or "butterfly", or something else about this one, but I am pleased that we've got what we've got. Congratulations, Magnifiscent! And many many thank yous to you and all for supporting the game.

    Les Copains Papillon notes are:
    Top: Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot, pink grapefruit, white peach;
    Heart: blackcurrant, white lily, jasmine, magnolia, Ceylon cardamom;
    Base: white cedar, violet root, amber, white musk.

    To make a riddle, I was striving to achieve a juxtaposition of early Italian poetry (Dante Alighieri and his ilk) and the modernity of the fragrance: lily and jasmine really stand out proud and pure in Papillon, ornamented by citrus, peach and melon and evolving into the smooth woody drydown with hints of musk and amber. Nothing groundbreaking about this one, but it is nice and seamlessly blended. It is high quality lily, too! (think Un Lys )

    Please stay tuned for more.

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    I think Magnificent was saying that he got the "buddies" part (Les Copains/ "heart's friend") but could not find the connection to "landless stranger..." I kept thinking of Abraham, LOL! ...which didn't connote a butterfly. I find your connotation, as always, fascinating.

    I must tell you that I could not get away from suspecting it was Les Copains pour Femme, in particular the new edition which fits your description, but I couldn't figure out how to connect it to "landless stranger"

    I was looking for references in Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), (who, ironically, translated works of Dante Alighieri), and I got way off with The Damsel of the Sanct Grael, and Arthurian romance. I kept trying to get "landless stranger" from something here...

    In any case, it was thrilling to play detective and to find out all kinds of new information and trivia along the way. Here are some images you may enjoy!

    As always, I look forward to the next Teaser!
    Last edited by Tovah; 14th August 2006 at 02:57 AM.

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    Thank you dear Twolf!
    What I said in french sounds like:
    "Ok for the friends, Les Copains... but where are the nomads???"
    Because your tip about "landless stranger" referred to something like nomad, gitan, bohemein... But you was with butterflies in your head...
    Actually I don't know if it's also called papillon, but it's listed as Les Copains pour Femme only, so scuse for not seeing the link between butterflies and landless strangers. Btw, notes and launch year helped a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnifiscent
    Mmm.... trying to combine ancient Florence with comedy movies here... but the only thing that comes to my mind related to these is italian, yep, but listed in the directory and not matching with all the notes.... I need to scratch my melon more maybe....
    Btw, congrats for the nice quotes about Guido Guinicelli's "Io vo del ver la mia donna lodare", indeed I was falling in your trap thinking about a florentine perfumer...
    Again about "friend of heart" it came to my mind a movie with Eva Herzigova, which I could slightly relate with you and going for SMN Eva so. But again notes were wrong and the directory featured it...

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    Yes, it was a reference to Guido Guinicelli. Good thing is that I understand Italian better than I do French. (Meaning I need to spend more temps deluxe shopping and sniffing in Paris!) Here comes a riddle about a French woman and her sinnature, darn it, I mean, signature.

    Riddle #55.

    She was moody, never languorous. A threat. A savior.
    Flair for nuance, soul scars continue to surprise.
    Named like perfumes, stories of erratical behaviour,
    Incidental music of hellos and goodbyes.

    Just one bottle was displayed on Madam's bed-side table:
    Perfect fragrance, green and fresh, reminding of the limes
    At the convent, where she was schooled (with no cable! ),
    Oh, and where nuns had grounded her a thousand times.

    Then, so poignant, rose comes to surface in its beauty,
    Reassured by night jasmine, opulent and sweet,
    Lily, iris, tuberose, vetiver on duty,
    Cedar, civet, unabashed, deluxe and not discreet.

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!

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    Well, this seems too obvious, but it fits (for me at least): Chanel No. 19.

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    Close, also a chypre. Can be found cheaper than Chanel, but it is sweeter and more powdery to my taste. I love #19, always will have it in my wardrobe, however, this one loves me too!

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    Maybe Jeanne Lanvin was so naughty when she was a child...
    And about her sinnature... erm... Signature, what about Mon Peché?

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    Signature...Ma Griffe?

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    No - I changed my mind. This is my final answer. (For now).

    Grès Cabochard?

    Doesn't "cabochard" describe a stubbon, independent spirit?

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    OK--I knew Chanel no. 19 was too obvious (although there was the convent childhood, sig. fragrance, many notes etc.). So I will go from the extraordinarily famous to the somewhat less so: How about Niki de Saint Phalle?

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    I'm thinking it's Libertine too though!
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Cherchez la femme...(the phrase was coined by A.Dumas (father) in 1864). The right woman for #55 has not been found yet -- she was a writer with "flair for nuance" and stories/novels/plays "named like perfumes". And yes, she had a signature scent, although somebody else had to design it, and originally it was not even designed for her.

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    OK, the woman must be Francoise Sagan. Did she wear Chamade, or some other scent?
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    Now we are talking! No, not Guerlain.
    Last edited by Twolf; 16th August 2006 at 03:13 PM.

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    Well, I was able to find out that she wore J-L Scherrer's designs, so maybe she wore one of his perfumes, too. Scherrer would work, I think. If this is wrong, I leave it to others. . . .

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    [QUOTE=lilybp ... If this is wrong ....[/QUOTE]

    Nothing's wrong, so far so good!

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    Well, now, you are really helping me out, aren't you?? I was actually guessing "Scherrer," of course, but since that's not quite it, I will guess "Jean-Louis Scherrer." Now if that's not quite right, someone else will have to guess the others; I need to work sometime.

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    LOL We all do! LOL

    You got it!

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    With a little help from my friends. And this is my 100th post, too, so woo-hoo!
    But I couldn't find anything online that mentioned Sagan's signature scent. I assume the info is available in a book; could you tell me which one??

    And thanks a lot! That was a great riddlle. We all went astray looking for female perfumers (or perfumes named after females, at any rate). Once that was cleared up it was smoother sailing!

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    Wow. That one was particularly fascinating!

    How many boards can have a conversation about Françoise Sagan, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Guido Guinicelli (this one being paricularly esoteric), and Lucas Cranach in one thread? I love this place.

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    We can, as long as it perfume related. Right? And if somebody has an idea/thought/suggestion of other interesting/unknown/forgotten connotations, you are welcome to pm me and we will make another Teaser together, or, perhaps, a couple of them.

    This piece of info -- Francoise Sagan's signature -- comes from one of the interviews with Laetitia Scherrer to the French edition of Vogue, where Jean-Louis' daughter tells it all. You know, kids do, sometimes!

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    Was craving spring blooms....

    Riddle #56.

    I got a sample in the mail,
    I like it: trusting, frank...
    And now we will lift the veil
    (no, not a fragrant prank! ).

    When Houbigant, Pinaud, Lubin
    Were winning ladies' hearts
    She was the most ardent fan
    Of unadorned beaux arts.

    For many years, side by side,
    She was the Maitre's muse
    In making soaps, pleased and cried,
    And chased away his blues.

    He knew top secret: violets
    Will stress up vocal cords,
    Carnation, ivy, jasmine... Let's
    Remember his awards!

    And this one, spring-like simple scent
    He made for you, cherie!
    Red, white and blue sweet sentiment
    In a bottle with "H" and "3".

    Good luck and please stay in good spirits!

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    Fleur d’Iris?

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    A different bloom from a different country. With love.

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    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Thank you for your efforts, but sorry, no.

    Not "a la Russe" or "de Russe", the real thing. Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" should be of help in solving "H" and "3". ;-X
    Last edited by Twolf; 20th September 2006 at 01:31 PM.

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    Faberge Imperiale?

    (I'm so confused, LOL!)

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    Not going the right way, Comrade Tovah!

    "Orient Express" clue should lead you to the handkerchief, where "H" in Russian means "______".

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    You are indeed our Agatha Christie, dear Twolf, but, like in the best of thrillers, don't you mind if I say we've got also kinda our Hercule Poriot? I think I got it...

    H stayes for Helena, so I think Helena Rubinstein.
    The scent could be Barynia which in russian means "lady"...
    Also the notes seem to unreveal the mystery!

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    "N," says the Princess. And 3 = Z (but I don't know if that is in Russian, too). I am posting thsi in the hopes that it might help others, b/c I am pretty clueless. Your story makes me think a little of Félicie Wanpouille and Ernest Daltroff (who was at least Russian), but their perfumes are very French, and I can't think of an appropriate one, anyway. Edit: Posted before I saw Magnif's, but "N" should still be there, I think. . . ?
    Last edited by lilybp; 22nd August 2006 at 12:09 PM.

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    Lilybp is the closest so far, with "N" and "Z" on the box and the bottle for "Novaya Zarya" (Fr. "Nouvelle Etoille", En. "New Dawn"), what else?, the largest manufacturer of Russian fragrances.

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    My last guess... (btw, after this I'm breathless...)
    Krasnaya Moskva (Red Moscow) described as a heavy chypre carnation based scent...

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    No, no, it is not the time to get exhausted as of yet, dear Mr.Poirot. We are just starting!

    Red Moscow (Fr. Moscou Rouge) is, probably, their most famous product, I agree, hence the reference to "carnation, jasmine, ivy" and its getting many awards at the International exhibitions in the Riddle itself.

    The fragrance in question, however, was created by the Maitre himself and for his favorite muse, for their 25th anniversary, to be precise. I also saw in its description on one site that it was created for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, so there is "red, white and blue". However, the fragrance itself is almost a soliflore, whose blooms happen to come in the same color palette, with hints of aldehydes, citrus and spice. ;-X
    Last edited by Twolf; 22nd August 2006 at 03:27 PM.

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    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    I thank you for your efforts and applaud your finds.

    OK, let's take another approach to finding the bloom (it is a piece of a folk song, not written by me, dating waaaaay back and partly explaining the origins of the word "Gringo" ):

    Green grow the _______, all sparkling with dew,
    I'm lonely, my darling, since parting with you,
    And by the next meeting, I hope to prove true
    And change the green ______ to the red, white and blue.

    And yes, Magnifiscent is on the right track: the name of the bloom is a part of the fragrance name, there is another word in it too.

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    Persian Lilac - A light melody of lilac petals, created in 1889 by Henry Brokkare for the Centennial celebration of the French Revolution.
    Last edited by lilybp; 22nd August 2006 at 02:28 PM.

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    You got it, Lilybp! Hats off to you and big big thanks.

    The whole riddle was about the life of Henry Brocard, a French perfumeur entrepreneur, who went to Russia, started his soap-making business, married Charlotte/Sharlotte (with Belgian roots) and created fragrances for the royalty. To win Charlotte's heart, who at the time was infatuated with a well-known tenor, Henry had to use all the brainpower he could -- he brought a basket of violets to the room where the tenor was supposed to perform and they stressed up his vocal cords. Charlotte called him a wizzard from that episode on. So many fascinating stories behind the simple fragrance of lilacs, which, of course, is not the best and the finest, but fresh, simple and quite pleasant!

    Thanks for staying tuned. To read more about him, please go to:
    or to read the whole "Fragrant Symphony of Life", please go to:

    And to experience this and other products by Novaya Zarya (H3) -- and none of them are exceeding $30 in price but not the quality, please go to:
    and their shipping is free for the orders of 35 dollars or more.
    Last edited by Twolf; 22nd August 2006 at 03:17 PM.

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    And thank YOU so much for your mind-bending and informative riddle! I guess "Brocard" was misspelled (or Russianized) on the cosmeticbag site, which would explain why I had difficulty googling "Brokkare." There are interesting reviews of a number of the Russian perfumes at


    I have tried the Carnation, which is quite wonderful--and a terrific bargain!

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    Still sampling and thinking and deciding... This Love Potion is a keeper, lemme tell ya'll!

    Love Potion Recipe #57 (should be easy to guess!!! )

    If you're looking for fresh and clean
    It is, certainly, not for you.
    Oriental, but earthy and green
    Intellectual golden brew.
    Take a cold, in drops of dew
    Bergamot, add a ray of sun.
    Mix in murmur of leaves, imbue
    With morning fog and jasmine, for fun.

    Stir in rose, carnation and orris,
    Tears, fears, a bud of ylang,
    Ancient legends of feats and glories,
    Slowly fold in best amber and young
    Opoponax, vanilla and leather,
    Hints and smiles, wisdom, virtue and vice,
    Steep one thousand nights all together,
    Get love potion, explosive device!

    Good luck and thank you if you are still not giving up and please stay in good spirits!
    Last edited by Twolf; 20th September 2006 at 01:35 PM.

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    1000 Nights? Sheherazade, by Desprez! The notes fit, too, I think. . .

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    Yes it is! And you did it so effortlessly!!! Drum roll and fanfares to the studio: we seem to have another super fragrance detective among us, Lilybp! I do not know how, dahlin', but you seem to understand them teasers and know your smellies. Congratulations! And many more... (I know, though, how my friend Magnifiscent does it: we were born on the same day, there must be some receptor in our brains working in unison! Perhaps, another puzzle for Dr.Turin. )

    Discontinued, not widely available, and not much talked about, Sheherazade (1983) is a deep, sultry and intoxicating entrance maker with the notes of:
    Top: aldehydes, bergamot, rosewood (I might have told you many times that this is one of my favorite "woods");
    Heart: rose, carnation, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orris, cassia (I wanted to mention Sheherazade in the recent thread about the favorite perfumes with cinnamon, but thought better , just the right amount of spicyness here);
    Base: amber, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin, opoponax, musk, civet, leather (which almost makes it a chypre without moss).

    Seems to me, Desprez knows and loves his best (almost typed "beast" here ) ambers, take this one and Bal, for example.

    Please stay tuned for more and I hope you enjoyed the Recipe.
    Last edited by Twolf; 20th September 2006 at 01:37 PM.

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    Thank you! I am so honored! And--quite obviously--I love your teasers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twolf
    And many more... (I know, though, how my friend Magnifiscent does it: we were born on the same day, there must be some receptor in our brains working in unison! Perhaps, another puzzle for Dr.Turin. )
    You know, deary, gemini great minds thinks alike!
    Btw, congrats to lilybp!!!

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    Default Re: Teaser #58

    Thank you for your support and interest, Basenoters! Okidokey, everything is just a breeze for you guys, how about the true and trusted strategy of making it almost impossible?

    Teaser #58. (***difficult***) Names and imagery are the product of the author's imagination and are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual fragrances is entirely coincidental.

    According to the same sources whose info we used to let our readers have a sneak peek previews of the new S.T.Louder fragrances earlier this year, a famous British taste and fragrance house of Shrimptree and Evergreen will have their five best fragrances revived under the new names and new ad campaigns. From the bits and pieces of information provided, can you determine the color of the juice for each fragrance, the month it will be released, and the main theme of its advertisement.

    1. Autumn Burrow (woody herbal) will depict dancers. Its launch is expected two months before the yellow colored perfume and two months after the lime green colored fragrance.

    2. The perfume using a seascape in its promotion will not be colored dark blue or lime green.

    3. The fragrance advertized with a picture of a cute hedgehog will not be the earliest release of the year.

    4. The orange colored fragrance will use a gaggle of geese in its PR.

    5. Ozzimour (spicy oriental) will not invade the stores in July.

    6. April Showers' (fresh, watery) launch will occur two months after Where? Andes? (fruity floral) hits fragrance counters and Internet retailers, but two months prior to the release of the juice without a color.

    New scents: Where? Andes?, Autumn Burrow, Ozzimour, April Showers, Hysteria (brutal chypre).
    Their colors: lime green, dark blue, orange, yellow, white (transparent, no color).
    Release schedule: March, May, July, September, November.
    Ad campaigns: dancers, hedgehog, bowl of rice, seascape, gaggle of geese.

    You know the rest: good luck and no rest staying in good spirits!
    Last edited by Twolf; 26th August 2006 at 03:37 AM.

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    Default Re: Teaser #58

    Great names and descriptions!

    I think this works:
    Where? Andes? = dark blue, March, bowl of rice
    Autumn Burrow = white (no color), July, dancers
    Ozzimour = orange, November, geese
    April Showers = lime green, May, hedgehog
    Hysteria = yellow, Sept., seascape

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    Default Re: Teaser #58

    Hope you guys smiled a couple of times while reading all these (Azzemour=Ozzimour, Spring Hill=Autumn Burrow, Veranda=Where?Andes?, etc.), and no, it was not about the history or allusions, just a logic problem.

    Lilybp, you've got it again. No oopses though. Congratulations and a big big hug. For everybody else, please start with determining when April Showers will be released, after that it is all just a piece of cake.

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    Default Re: Teaser #58

    Missing Lady_in_Black. For her and for everyone, here comes this next teaser. I just have a sample of this fragrance, and I am planning to order the biggest bottle I can find, and luckily, it can be found for a song.

    Teaser #59 (*** not difficult***).

    I am smitten, it's not even funny,
    With its orange, nasturtium, honey,
    With wild herbs: St.John's wort,
    Yarrow covered in dirt,
    Clear-cut fennel, permeating and sunny.

    I'm head over heels with its rose,
    Huge and melt-in-your-mouth. I repose
    By inhaling this scent.
    And in any event
    I'm placing an order, I s'ppose.

    In for a pound, they say, in for a penny.
    But, in fact, can you name very many?
    Yes, she runs with the wolves,
    Reads Exupery and pulls
    Off the masterpiece, beautiful ________.

    Please stay in good spirits, like this one!

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    Default Re: Teaser #59

    Big hugs back for #58! This was fun, and (IMHO) easier than some of the others because it was straight logic and required neither special knowledge nor figuring out how your mind is working (not that I don't LOVE trying to follow your train of thought, which I will now try to do (probably unsuccessfully) on 59

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    Default Re: Teaser #59

    ummmm, Genny by Diana de Silva? Well, Genny rhymes, and Diana, the huntress, could be said to "run with wolves."

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