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    First of all, it is Genny, you got it right again, Lilybp. Thank you for paying attention to details, knowing your smellies and having fun.

    Second, well, it is not that easy. Here we have an ever emerging question of who is who, or, better, who owns who. Has anybody tried googling Genny? What have you come up with: Genny (1987 and re-release in 1998) by Genny (Gianfranco Genny/Arnold and Donatella Girombelli/Byblos), Diana de Silva (and now Selective Beauty with their licensing agreements of Jean Couturier, Mauboussin, Montana, Benetton, Trussardi, and others until the year 2015), Gary Farn (marketing and distribution in the US), Hanorah? A big confusion can be also caused by the pictures: on OsMoz it comes in an offbeat triangular bottle, there are also pictures of the tall cylindrical bottle with cursive letters and big bold letters, or the same bottle guarded by the golden rails on the sides, black or white transparent box. There is also Genny Shine (1993) Whoever is responsible, should write better press-releases to avoid the confusion and help better market the wonderful scent, IMHO.

    Third, I was intrigued by Fufu's review of Genny in the directory, where she compares it to Ungaro Diva (and again, IMHO, Diva is the the most floral chypre of them all, with just the right amount of animalic and woody notes to achieve the perfect balance), and had to search for a sample of Genny by Genny. And let me tell you, there is a certain resemblance to Paloma Picasso, Coriandre, even Fendi in terms of honeyed herbs (in addition to the herbs mentioned in the riddle, I think I can also smell coriander, Bachelor's button and hyssop), bitter enchanting oranges and a marvellous rose note, all on the background of civet, moss, sandalwood and, surprisingly, not a lot of patchouli.

    Please post you comments, if you feel differently (we are all here to learn), and thanks for staying connected and in good spirits.
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    Yes, I did try googling it, and I got very confused. I actually don't know this scent (although I have heard of it), and could not find any notes. But there were notes for some (not all) of the other Gennies, and they were wrong. Also, Diana de Silva seemed to fit the riddle best, so I went with that. But I couldn't find out ANY info to confirm my hunch. . . . And I am surprised that so many scents could have the same name!

    One thing I really like about these teasers is finding out about all these new (to me ) fragrances. I am really much more of a niche-and-classic-vintage sort of girl, and your riddles give me not only a lot of fun, but a bunch of wonderful scents to try. I know and like all the other scents you compared this one to, so I do want to try it.

    PS I'm not sure whether or not you were referring to my earlier comment when you talked about "easiness," but I meant the logic puzzle, not this one! The rhyme did help here, but I found the many-Genny situation mystifying and somewhat frustrating, as you indicated.
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