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    Default Creed Spinoff Label?

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    Scentemental speculated a few days ago that perhaps Creed struggles with originality because they are limited to natural ingredients, and thus older methods of perfumery. If this is true, maybe Creed should consider a spin-off brand that lets them experiment with synthetics and some of the newer techniques. It would be an opportunity to do some innovative scents, hopefully at lower price points, while preserving the (harrumph) deity of the Creed brand.

    What would they name this junior label? It may be fun to speculate on this:

    Template: (<House Name> <Fragrance Name>, “by Creed” )

    “North Star Vetiver, by Creed”
    “North Star Bois por Homme, by Creed”

    Or perhaps something a little more cynical, like OWG (OkayWeGetIt)
    “OWG Ozone, by Creed”
    “OWG Summer, by Creed”

    Of course no one on this forum would use this scenario an excuse to needle Dr. Creed…..
    There is no Nose....

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    Default Re: Creed Spinoff Label?

    umm... "Crud"

    <running off...>

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    Default Re: Creed Spinoff Label?

    or "Greed"

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    Default Re: Creed Spinoff Label?

    I dont think they are limited to natural methods of perfumery .. its their own choice !

    There is a Creed spin off label...its called Bond No. 9

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    Default Re: Creed Spinoff Label?

    But Creed's whole image is centered around their classic appeal! If they made that kind of a spin-off label it would go against everything that has made them the legendary fragrance house they are today. Though I agree that it would be cool if this happened, it would not be a good move by Creed.

    On a side note- I thought people often mocked the idea that Creed uses mostly natural ingredients, but now we are saying that they do?

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