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    Default reliable decant source

    hi all, i was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of their tried and trusted sources for decants - especially the less run of the mill stuff. i used to have a contact on the old board but lost their details..

    would really appreciate it thanks.

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    Default Re: reliable decant source

    I guess that looking at the feedbacks people have received is a good method to have an estimate of their reliability...

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    Default Re: reliable decant source

    Try Fragrant Fripperies Samples and Decants on EBAY.

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    Default Re: reliable decant source

    thanks for the fragrant fripperies tip. Has anyone ever used Dragonfly scent me? Also on ebay.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: reliable decant source

    Dragonfly is a very reliable source of decants, so is Scenteur7.
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    Default Re: reliable decant source

    thank you so much. scentaur was actually the contact from when i was on the old board that i couldnt' remember!

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