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    A Match for Matchabelli?

    by Doctor Basenotes, 01 April 2004.

    "I just have one question and you may think I'm crazy! I have been searching for an after shave that was made in the 1970's. I have contacted the company itself who made this and so many more people and no one has had the courtesy to answer me. I am hoping maybe you can help since you are the expert here.
    The maker is Prince Matchabelli. They made an after shave called "Matchabelli". My boyfriend has been searching for this in every place possible as I have. I don't think they make it anymore, but I am wondering if you know of any place that this might still be found. I will get a marriage proposal if I am lucky enough to find this, If I ever find this!
    Well you are my last hope, If you make this possible for me, consider yourself invited to my wedding." Jessie

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