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    Default New: Jil Sander Style.


    Name: Jil Sander Style
    Brand: Jil Sander (Coty/Lancaster)
    Nose: Bernard Ellena (brother of Jean Claude) from Symrise
    Bottle Designer: Patrick Veillet (designer of McQueen's Kingdom Bottle)

    Jil Sander Style is a woody floral.
    Top: freesia, mango, cardamom and pink pepper
    Heart: violet, magnolia, iris flower and jasmine
    Base: vanilla, amber and musk.

    Jil Sander Style will be positioned as a more sophisticated offer in the Jil Sander line, along the classic Jil Sander N°4.

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    Smile Re: New: Jil Sander Style.

    Thanks for posting, Cedric!

    I like Jil Sander (esp. Sensations, a very comforting scent imo). This one sounds interesting!

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    Default Re: New: Jil Sander Style.

    I like the massive skyscraper-like bottle.

    The ingrediants sound nice enough, except for the mango and the over-used freesia.

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