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    Default Perception shifts

    About a month or two ago I purchased Gendarme V because I wanted a nice safe fragrance for the summer. I read that this scent had grassy notes in it, but I just got this floral/fabric softener whiff from it, which is why I purchased it.

    So a week ago I receive a sample of Creed's Original Vetiver and this stuff is unmistakably grassy. The day after I tried the OV sample, I put on the Gendarme V and all of a sudden I could pick up the grassy notes that I never noticed before. This was a good thing, because I was considering a purchase of OV, but now that I get my “grassy fix” from the Gendarme V, I think I’ll save my money.

    This has happened to me more than once, where I’ll perceive a fragrance completely differently after trying another one. Sometimes this makes me like a fragrance more and sometimes less. Has anyone else come across these perception shifts and do they go away after you become more acquainted with several fragrances?

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    Default Re: Perception shifts

    Oh yes, most definately. Something weird that happens while you are sniffing several frags at once is that once you have one scent in your nose and goes onto the next one, you see if from a totally different perspective. It is like your nose shuts out some notes and therefore others stand out more clearly. This effect is nothing that lasts, but it still is quite fascinating

    But the more frags you learn to like the more notes you'll eventually learn to distinguish so it is no sensation (well, it is to the sniffer, but logically...) you notice different things when you go back sniffing fragrances again.

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    Default Re: Perception shifts

    Yes, indeed.

    Our perceptions are always changing. Some fragrances have different amounts and stength in other fragrances. To constantly smell new fragrances will help you pick out notes easier. Eventually you'll pick out that particular note in all fragrances that has it in the mix of things. I'm not close to being there but slowly moving there.

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    Default Re: Perception shifts

    I think this is an ongoing process. The more scents you smell, the larger your scent vocabulary becomes (to use a cheesy metaphor). I find that I have to continually go back to samples and resniff them because as I smell more and more scents, the things that I am able to smell, the notes that stand out, and the overall impression that I get all change. Sometimes scents that had impressed me the first time around are no longer interesting. And sometimes (more often perhaps) scents I had written off I then smell in a way. This has happened with quite a few scents. For whatever reason, the first time around I could not smell the scent and notes "properly," for example, I got only "powder" or "soap." Now when I smell them, I can smell distinct notes and they don't seem as fuzzy or generic. The sense of smell is a crazier thing than I would have ever guessed before coming to this site.

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