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Thread: my dilemma

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    Exclamation my dilemma

    im not the biggest collector, i've tried out and tested about 35 scents now and enjoy this so called hobby, but i keep mine to a low budget. After coming across KOUROS I can't stop wearing it, no comments whatsoever, but i don't care.....I LOVE IT. I have basala, dior homme, polo black, and gucci PH right now, all of them have dust on them except KOUROS. I can't stop wearing this one....I was wondering if there are any other scents that would strike me as interesting if I am such a KOUROS fan? Any scents that would light my fire, I mean the other scents I have are great but can't do justice compared with KOUROS. Maybe It's because I'ver never smelled such a sexy clean scent before? I was thinking of antaus by chanel if thats how you spell it, but I had allure and it was great, but not as intriguing as KOUROS. Oh someone help me, I'm afraid to try out other ysl's because i don't want them to be worse or it will make me sad. Alright talk to you all later, thanks for any input------JOE

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    I see your dilemma as good fortune. You found true love after only 35 scents. And this doesn't have to ruin your hobby. You can still test other fragrances. But not as often, because you will want to be wearing your Kouros.

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    I say do try other YSL's. You'll enjoy them. For years, I ONLY wore Kouros. I still love it but like to try other things too.
    YSL is one of the few houses I find with consistent quality in their fragrances. Chanel and Guerlain are others I like too. And yes, you should try Antaeus. It's in my top 5 along with Egoiste (top 3 if not #1!).
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    Perhaps you've tried some of these? If not, you must:
    1. Rive Gauche
    2. M7
    3. Givenchy Gentleman
    4. Zino Davidoff
    5. Sung Homme
    6. Fred Hayman 273 Indigo
    7. Habit Rouge Guerlain
    8. Guerlain Heritage
    9. Hermes Rocabar
    10. Tumulte

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    I'll add Aramis and Azzaro pour Homme to milamber's list.

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    I agree with ya about your findings about Kouros. As Xen said - I would add Azzaro Ph to the list. Those are hands down my two favorites. Every time I smell Azzaro Ph, I am simply in awe of the scent and it's always a crowd pleaser. Excellent longevity and sillage -- and never offensive.

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    Millamber's list has some real powerhouses. If you haven't tried
    Sung Homme yet it will knock you across the room, so be ready for it.
    While sampling Guerlains don't forget to try good ole' Vetiver.
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    Addicted to Kouros? Try Van Cleef & Arpels. It can be highly addictive too. Plus, it has great longevity and sillage.

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    Talking Re: my dilemma

    Teehee I love the way Kouros smells...ON ME!!! LOL jk I love you baby :-*

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    YSL is my favorite house. You need to try everything they have. Literally every scent from this house is unique, long lasting (maybe not Live Jazz and YSL pour homme), and incredibly masculine.

    Definately try M7 in the winter, it's not overrated, but it's also not for everyone. Rive Gauche is very easy to like and should be a safe bet.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhh, I thought Kouros and Rive Gauche(still love both of them btw) were "the cat's meow" until I got YSL's Opium pour Homme !!!

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    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme

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    Once upon a time there was a fragrance that I thought was the greatest thing I ever smelled.This was the fragrance that started my addiction to fragrance.It is Balenciaga PH.This is an oriental and I tended to gavitate to orientals.It remains in my collection, but I dont wear it.I spritz it on my wrist now and then.Its not bad at all, but there is so much better.Ive been thru the spectrum of fragrances.I like less sweeter fragrances at this time.Just keep sniffing, there is so much more to discover.

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