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    Default Sisley Eau du Soir

    This is my HG scent, and would love to hear your opinions on this great chypre

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau du Soir

    Hi Elisha and welcome! Because this scent is so expensive and somewhat unavailable I've only tried it once...and loved it. It was interesting to compare it on one wrist and Chanel No. 19 on the other. I probably would purchase Eau de Soir if it was easier to find discounted online.

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    Thumbs up Re: Sisley Eau du Soir

    Love this!Fortunately its widely available here!

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    Hi Elisha, and Welcome to Basenotes.
    I Love this scent but have never made a purchase. I almost bought the limited edition bottle last Christmas....I am looking froward to the limited edition this year if they have one.
    This is a wonderful scent for sure. And buy the on the lookout because they have a new scent on the way.
    Again....Welcome to Basenotes.

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    Cool Re: Sisley Eau du Soir

    Thanks all for the replies

    I think I saw this on for 54$ for an oounce which is a great deal. so I definitely going to have to get a bottle

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau du Soir

    I find this to be one of the best chypres ever. I love the combination of the cool topnotes and the warm base. It is my only "strictly evening" fragrance. I know that plenty of people wear this with jeans and shorts, but for me that wouldn't work. I associate it with fat ivory silk dresses, matte make up and pearls.

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