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    Default Inaccurate search results

    I guess this is no easy task to fix, but the search results I get back are always so extremely inaccurate I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

    If I go to the front page and do a search from there on let's say "knize ten", the eight hits I get are:

    Basenotes:Cuir de Russie by Chanel (1924)
    Basenoteszing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur (1999)
    Basenotes Directory: Complete House List
    The Basenotes Fragrance Directory
    A meeting with Mona di Orio by Grant Osborne.
    Basenotes:Relax by Davidoff (1990)
    Basenotes:No. 5 by Chanel (1921)
    Basenotes:Envy for Men by Gucci (1998)

    Shouldn't the direct link to Knize Ten in the directory be on top? It is not even there... I find it truely weird. Sometimes I can't even find houses this way, so I have to go into the Complete House Lists (which of course works, but really isn't a fast way to do it).

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    Default Re: Inaccurate search results

    Yeah I know, the search engine is rubbish!

    I'm working on writing my own one - it does have some quirks (ie it doesn't recognise apostrophes yet), but a search for Knize Ten should bring back better results.

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    Default Re: Inaccurate search results

    Alright, that one worked real well on a couple of searches I did. I'm glad to hear a new one is in the works, but it sure sounds like it must be a lot of work to get it to function the way you wish. Good job Grant!

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