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    Sort of a silly question perhaps, but are the contents of aftershaves any different to EDTs, or is it just that little squirter that makes all the difference? The reason I'm thinking this is that I've notice huge price difference between aftershaves and EDTs on ebay where the product and volume is the same. It'd make more sense to buy the aftershave and stick some in an atomizer if the contents ARE identical!


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    Don't know this for a fact, but I'd assume an aftershave is different from an EDT. It may have some perfume in it, but its purpose is to close your pores after you shave and moisturize your skin to some degree to relieve it of any razor burn/redness.

    That being said, if the aftershave provided you with long lasting scent, it may be a better route to go. Usually I can only smell an aftershave for about 30-45 mins after I use one, and I usually go with an unscented one which is actually good at moisturizing and does not have alcohol because I have heard the high alcohol content of cologne type aftershaves(the watery kind vs the lotiony kind) are bad for your skin.

    I would recommend you use something like Nivea for men aftershave and go with a cologne, just because it would be better for you face.

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    Ah sorry, I think something's lost in the translation there? Do you mean aftershave balms? I use the Nivea one there (lovely scent, I wish they'd make it into a cologne). I mean colognes I suppose, but ones that are just an open top bottle with no squirter

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    When you said the aftershaves, I thought/think what you meant was like when you purchase a gift set of cologne(example of one I have, Vera Wang) and they give you a bottle of cologne and then a bottle of aftershave(splash top). I am not sure if you are talking about aftershaves being cheaper than the spray colognes or if you are comparing a splash top cologne vs a spray top cologne.

    I don't see there being any difference between the formula of a splash top vs spray top cologne, but I'm sure there is between an aftershave and any type of cologne(spray or splash).

    Lol, hopefully that clarifies something.

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    It does! It pretty much tallies in with THIS which I found.

    I think I'm getting mixed up thinking that all EDTs are sprays. I suppose you get EDT splashes as well, just as you can get aftershave sprays and splashes!

    Yes, everything's clear now!

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    aftershave has a lower concentration of fragrance than edt and it also contains moistuisers and other stuff which helps your skin after shaving.
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