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    What to do when you just get tired of woody orientals, it seems to me that everytime I get into a certain frag i get others like it till i get tired of that genre, so i switch to fresh, then water fresh, then aromatic, I can't stay at one genre or classification of scents. I guess this is what happens to everyone here, but i feel like a nomad because i can't stay put. Right now I wouldn't dare wear an oriental.....maybe it has to do with the heat?

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    It certainly has to do with the heat....

    Why would you want to stay within one family only? I would think it is more interesting to have a favourite from each. At least that's what I try to do: have an arsenal from each family.

    I always reccomend Cartier's Declaration for the hot days. Try it!

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    I have a modest collection of 35 fragrances.Im always looking for something different, something special.I guess thats what keeps us the fanatics that we are...always in search of...My first love was orientals because I felt they had the staying power.I went thru a phase of green scents.I even went thru a fresh, marine phrase, although I have yet to encounter one long lived to my satisfaction.The reason I think I tired of orientals is because many have base notes of vanilla.I hear many complain of vanilla.Not to be on the bandwagon, but I can detect vanilla or tonka (which smells like vanilla to me) in a fragrance.These orientals have their place, but Im looking for the less sweeter fragrances at this time.Although some scents are not as sweet as others, Im looking for something??? I will use the word "harsh" for lack of a better word.Im sure you veterans will have something in mind to suggest to me.At this time, Hugo is filling my void. I detect no sweetness in this. My girl says it smells manly.Im sure there is something out there.The more fragrances I smell, the more my tastes seem to evolve.Fragrances I was crazy about, such as Balenciaga, which let to my addiction, Im no longer wear,but remain a constant in my collection because of my respect for them.Dolce and Gabanna and Egoiste Platinum, which I wasnt initially crazy about, are my favorites. I receive the most compliments with D and G. Young and old, women and men(even thugs) say," You smell good!"Ive only received one compliment wearing Platinum.Someone said I smelled like oranges.I dont know if thats good or bad.Regardless, I like what I like. Maybe Ive strayed or elaborated too much.But to sum it up, I do tire of certain type of frragrances such as orientals,spicy,lavender and amber, fresh, marine or some that fall somewhere inbetween. Im sure that I come back around.We fanatics have a varied taste.We need it all.We will tire of it all except for our general love of fragrances.Still in search of...

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