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    Default New: Lanvin Rumeur.


    Name: Rumeur
    Brand: Lanvin (Inter Parfums SA)
    Nose: Francis Kurkdjian (Takasago)

    Rumeur is a woody floral musk fragrance.
    top: magnolia
    heart: white rose, jasmine and orange tree blossom
    base: patchouli and musk

    Launch in Europe in September, exclusive to Saks Fitfth Avenue in the USA.

    PS: We have now the confirmation that Rumeur is not a re-edition of the vintage Lanvin fragrance..

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    Unhappy Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    Ah well, it might smell nice anyway. Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    Quote Originally Posted by cedriceccentric
    PS: We have now the confirmation that Rumeur is not a re-edition of the vintage Lanvin fragrance..
    I don't like this recycling-old-names-for-new-frags trend at all.

    The most ridiculous example was the rather recent one with Armani Mania: because the original Mania wasn't a commercial success they had hoped for, they made a "foolproof" non-offensive run-of-the-mill juice, changed the colour of the bottle and the juice and launched it again!

    But as always: thanks for the latest news from the fragrance front, Cedric!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    Could sign my name under every word of Tigrushka.

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    of course it's not a re-edition. Not of the original Rumeur, anyway! but it seems it's very very much Narciso Rodriguez lookalike. That's what Interparfum wanted, that's why the took Kurkdjian, the nose who created Narciso.

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    Angry Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    I was truly hoping for reissues of the old beautiful Lanvins. I loved them so. On ebay, a while back, I bought a 4 bottle set of 1/4 oz parfums which included Rumeur. Very lovely with all of them having a complex base that I don't see too much today. Maybe with the move toward synthetics a reissue would have been disappointing anyway, but I must admit I'm not even interested in a regurgitation of an NR

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    Here is the ad as seen on

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    I've never smelled the old Rumeur, but I knew upon first sniff that this wasn't it. It was so...ordinary. White flowers here, some magnolia there, ho-hum. Didn't get much patchouli. AND, to make it worse, it turned antiseptic on me. It's more floral to me than the Narciso Rodriguez is, but both fragrances have a similar, off-putting drydown.

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    I really didn't like it at all. Too sharp, too common...a rehash of many of the "white flowers" scents that are already abundant. I won't be getting this one

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    I do love the old Rumeur, as well as the other Lanvin scents (esp. Scandal) so I, too, am annoyed at this renaming. The new scent is pretty, I guess, but not something I would wear. Lancome did a much better job on their reissues (of course, they didn't try to reissue Cuir)

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    Talking Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    There was a full page ad for this in last week's NYTImes. I ordered it from Saks. THe notes sounded great. I got it THurs. No idea why it took so long. I have to say I could not stand it, horrid and my husband who usually likes everything I wear, when I asked him, he said it smelled horrid, So I packed it up and back it went to Saks. I am sure some people will like it but there was some note in there that was not nice at all???NM

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    Default Re: New: Lanvin Rumeur.

    Rumeur smells somewhere in between the blockbusters Narciso Rodriguez and SJP's Lovely. I think will many of these "Nouveau chypre" clones the coming seasons.

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