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    Default The Courage To Discard and Related Questions

    Like many here, I suppose, my juice buying has a pattern of fits and starts. Sometimes I'll have a kick and buy a whole lot, conclude that this is ridiculous and stop -- until the bug bites again. Anyway, doing this has left me with a large collection, some of which includes nearly unused large bottles a decade or more old, and some are starting to go bad. Do you guys just throw these out or hang on to them either for old times sake, or for the bottle itself?

    How many here have SO many products that you know you cannot possibly finish the bottle even of those you really like? How do you justify this?

    A side issue: given the usual pricing of these products, do you buy the larger size for the "value" even though you know you probably wouldn't finish even the smaller bottle?

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    Default Re: The Courage To Discard and Related Questions

    I have a rather large collection too. However, my spending habits decrease, the larger my collection gets. I become more discerning and don't buy anything that is remotely similar to what i already have and since the latest releases are mostly generic, i am under no pressure to buy.

    Furthermore, i only buy small bottles as i rotate what i wear. No justification needed other than to get all my bases covered for every conceivable situation i may find myself in.

    However, if i am forced to start all over again, i know i would have a smaller collection of scents given my accumulated experience and knowledge.

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    Default Re: The Courage To Discard and Related Questions

    My collection is not that large but I take care of them so that they don't go bad. If they go bad but still smell good then you can wear them. Some notes turn sour though and they are not worth keeping.

    If you really like the bottles and have the shelf space then keep them. I have over 20 bottles and I don't think I'll be throwing away any of them....

    I buy a bigger bottle when I can. It is worth it. $10 more for twice the amount in so many cases. It is very worth it to me and I see no reason to get a small bottle. If that 100ml is too much then decant it out to people here! There is always something to do with it.

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    Default Re: The Courage To Discard and Related Questions

    I have a rediculously large collection but I do store them well and only had a very few go bad on me.

    When they start to "turn" I use them as airfreshners!

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    Default Re: The Courage To Discard and Related Questions

    Lots of reasons really.

    Some I store because they have been discontinued, or I fear that they will be.

    Some I just have to try, and know that I will like.

    Some I know I can always give, swap or sell away.

    Some I buy in case my tastes change and I end up using them very frequently.

    Most fragrances are relatively inexpensive - say about the price of a round of drinks. Will you still be talking about and enjoying a round of drinks five years later..?

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