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    Question Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Any thoughts on this? I gather it is a low-priced drugstore scent (mainly in the US? Never seen it in Germany). I could not resist a cheap offer on ebay, the pyramid looked nice enough and I thought it might be a harmless fresh thing for casual wear.
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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    I have it, but seldom wear it anymore. I used to wear it alot when it first came out. It's very nice for a cheap Jovan fragrance and I like better than the other frags that Jovan offers to date. It's very fresh and somewhat "loud" upon application, but after a while, it becomes somewhat powdery, musky and alot closer to the skin. It also seems to a slight rubber note to it and at times reminds me of VIP Room, but only slightly. There's also a synthetic fruitiness to it in the beginning. I always wore it, maybe two sprays.

    I think you should get it. You would be one of the few folks in Germany that have it. And it being a Jovan product, it would'nt smell the same on you as it would on others. Makes it even more unique!

    If you get it, I hope you enjoy it.


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    I have a friend who wears it all the time and it honesty smells really good, very unique. He's a manager and his co-workers love it. Lasts and lasts too. I havn't worn it in a while but I do like it! I guess you could say it does not smell like your typcial drug store scent.

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