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    Default Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Sometimes the Serge Lutens/Carons are an unobtainable dream.
    What do you turn to in the lean months when expenditure has
    nearly exceeded income? I am enjoying discovering the joys of
    Yves Rocher at the moment. His Neonatura Cocoon is a fabulous,
    warm vanilla/cocoa scent that gets loads of compliments. I also
    want to try his new version of Comme une Evidence (Un Jour se Leve)
    as it has been selling extraordinarily well in France.
    What are your inexpensive standbys?

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Excellent question!
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Yves Rocher Néonatura Parfum Cocon and Voile d'Ambre

    Then there's the Fraîcheur Végétale series (I have only shower gels but there are eau de colognes, too):
    Bambou, Cèdre Bleu, Chèvrefeuille, Thé Vert...
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Love them! For around $20 or less:

    -- Jean Couturier Coriandre, although sold out most of the time at Scentiments and ImaginationPerfumery, "Those who can wait get it all" scent, green floral chypre with animalic base, beautiful rose and orange blossom, Agent Provocateur's mother and Alain Delon Iquitos' sister, please tell me when to stop.

    -- Gerani Gerani -- sillage and longevity titan, floriental, a stalker, an unexpected surprise ending master, best among the equals.

    -- VC&Arpels Birmaine -- effervescent and playful celebration of life, sweet floriental, unpretentious and alluring.

    -- Sonia Rykiel (orange box, "pullover" bottle) -- Angel's older cousin with more quincy and less chocolate, pretentious and capricious, compliment catcher, security blanket, a sip of aged rum. Smoulderingly sexy semi-oriental.

    -- Halston Halston -- unlike many American scents, it is a haystack full of needles, green minty top + out of this world cedar and moss in the drydown. Differently sweet.

    -- Aubusson Histoires d'Amour -- a happy marriage of spicy nasturtium and drunken orange with the past: cloves, yarrow and valerian. Vulnerable and frail tuberose consequences.

    Benetton Tribu, Priscilla Presley Indian Summer, Parfumer Workshop Tea Rose, Celine de Celine, Franck Olivier (shell). Too many?
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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    I like Yves Rocher pur Desir de Gardenia (a lot) and also the Lilas. The Rose is too clove-y and the Mimosa is too soapy.

    Also, BBW Gardenia. And Jean Nate. And there's a Calgon after bath spray called Pink Grapefruit that I've used several bottles of in summers. For a while, I kept a bottle by the bed and would spritz the mist into the air the moment my alarm went off to help me wake up without cursing. I haven't used it in a while so I hope they still make it! It's got a sweet/bitter/minty/citrus thing going on that is stimulating and energizing for me.

    Hey, I'll wear it tomorrow, come to think of it! It'll actually combat the heat exhaustion.

    My department store favorite, hands down, for summer is Paris, preferalbe Paris Premieres Roses, which one may buy easily on the web. I love Lolita Lempicka, but mostly for cooler weather.

    And, yes, I confess! I still like Ralph Lauren Blue for summer. Oooooh, maybe I should wear it tomorrow.....
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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Well, lezzee hyar...

    Arpege. Always elegant and compliments galore.
    Jovan White Musk. A man magnet. Oh me oh my, the compliments!
    Ditto Halston.
    The topper: My latest love, Healing Garden Lavender. This is a real super sniffer for hot, hot days and for smelling and feeling super fresh.

    eBay is a favorite skulk base of mine, and you can get a lot of middle-of-the-road to cheap pricings for some mighty nice frags

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Versace Blonde parfum- under $30
    Shalimar edt-can be found under$10
    Silences by Jacomo-can get on Ebay for under$20
    Hanae Mori Butterfly- great deals online
    L'Heure Bleue EDP-can be found under $30
    Sha by Alfred Sung-$16 at Marshalls
    Mitsouko-online cheap and at Marshalls $15
    Light Blue- found online under $30
    Lolita Lempicka (apple bottle) online under $30
    And my favorite standby, PINK SUGAR- found eveywhere for a good price

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Ma Griffe
    Je Reviens

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    What a nice idea for a thread!

    24, Faubourg, by Hermes, pure parfum. This tends to sell very cheaply, new in box, especially on ebay. (I bought mine on ebay.) It is a superb and top quality fragrance. It is a floral. Don't worry about buying it on ebay. Fagrances that are sealed and in box will last a long time. This was launched in 1995 and anything 11 years old should still be in great shape.
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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Yves Rocher Bambou and Cedre Bleu- not long-lasting but wonderful! Can be bought on sale for about $9.
    Body Shop Minteva or Amorito. About 8-9 euros a bottle. Altaro is a nice, soft one also.
    Mitsouko EdT but the EdP is much much better, and much more expensive!
    A few things from L'Occitane can be nice, also, not long-lasting but lovely scents.
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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    YSL Baby Doll- $23 dollars on ebay
    Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess- $7

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I read each one with interest.
    Must try YR Cedre Bleu and 24 Faubourg, also Coriandre and Jovan Musk!!
    You all have such useful information and a real passion for scents.

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    Default Re: Favourite non-niche "easy on the purse" fragrances.

    Ck be is a favourite of mine. The more you spray the better it gets.

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