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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    when an ad features a big juicy erection, then maybe I'll bite!

    choke bottle looks like the steeple of some tacky post vatican 2 church

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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    Although Smalto Full Choke looks and sounds ridiculous, actually I have found (thanks to Jae) that it is a *shooting/gun term* (of all things); "A tight constriction in the muzzle of a shotgun, producing a long range and tight pattern".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayknight
    As a big fan of the original Francesco Smalto, this one has me...excited.

    I don't know where to sample it in the States, though. Any ideas? I'm in Texas.

    I tell you this for nothing. That packaging makes for a huge psychological incentive to buy the largest bottle they have.

    They should have just gone full tilt and made it spray from the tip.

    Won't you get arrested for having this in Texas? But they should send a few crates to Capitol Hill perhaps, so the Reps don't have to molest pages
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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    Well it does what it says on the picture

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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    speaking of Bijan, I walked by the store on Rodeo and the theme is sort of "All Arnold" they have signed photos and images of la Schartzenneger EVERYWHERE in the store!

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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    Does anyone in the UK remember the ads in the 1980s for a perfume called Sheila? (I think it must have been around 1987.) It was branded as an Australian fragrance and had a really ugly bottle with a little metal bushman's hat strung with corks as its lid.

    It was a hideous bottle and a horrible advert, but it was extremely successful - I remember my Mum's half brother wanted a bottle for his girlfriend and came back very dejected from shops, having learned it was all a spoof to try to gauge how successful particular kinds of advertising were. Stores were paid to tot up how many people had inquired about Sheila and report back to the advertisers. The only reference to it I could find to the campaign online is (a few paras down). The whole thing suggests to me that no matter how tasteless, ugly or class-free an ad campaign is, it'll work as long as the ads are ubiquitous enough!

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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    I've got a love - hate relation with the Hai-Karate adds.
    The T.V adds are great!!!, here's a ''normal'' add

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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    Well, I've seen it all. Literally. For M7 to be advertised with a guy with his dick hanging out, is beyond my ability to rationalize. Is it really like this in other countries? Call me ethnocentric, but that's just freakin' weird! He should have trimmed up a bit more too.

    Supermarky, if I come across a fragrance ad with a giant hard-on, you'll be first on my list of people to let know. LOL!

    What is the world coming to?! yeah, just rest the bottle right on his taint, that will sell millions. lol
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    Default Re: Most ridiculous frag Ad EVER

    Quote Originally Posted by Panto
    This one is quite ridiculous, the name is even more stupid than the ad...
    Some of the other ads on this site are pretty good also. The Agent Provocateur were interesting.

    This thread did provide some nice laughs.

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