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    Default Vienna

    Niche perfume stores in Vienna

    Duft und Kultur
    Tuchlauben 17
    1010 Wien
    They carry L`Artisan, Nicolai, Creed, CSP, Annick Goutal, Amouage, MPG, Lothantique, Diptyque, Yogesh, Esteban(incense), Mariage Freres Teas...and... SERGE LUTENS

    Naegele & Strubell - Vienna
    Graben 27
    1010 Wien

    Floris, Creeds, Bond No. 9 and many other

    Le Parfum
    Petersplatz 3
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    Default Re: Vienna

    How about Knize?
    Is the Knize men 's tailor shop still open, and do they carry those Eau de Toilettes ?
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    Default Re: Vienna


    le parfum (
    petersplatz 3
    a-1010 wien

    acqua di portofino
    agent provocateur
    annick goutal
    bond no. 9
    clive christian
    commes des garçons
    hugh parsons
    il profumo
    keiko mecheri
    les parfums de rosine
    lolita lempicka
    lorenzo villoresi
    maître parfumeur
    mc queen
    miller harris
    serge lutens
    st. barth

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    Default Re: Vienna

    Hi, Are there any shops in Vienna that carry Mazzolari?

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    Default Re: Vienna

    I have just enjoyed 4 days of scent shopping in Vienna, Austria.
    After exhausting my feet and my nose, my wife and I were careful to recall stores and locations to add to this thread.

    1. DOUGLAS. For good mainstream scents, Douglas is a good first port of call.
    There are several stores in the city center but their megastore in Kärntner St. is a sight to behold. It has 2 floors, with the bottom floor dedicated to fragrances and cosmetics (incl some rarities!), and their mezzanine boasting an impressive Acqua Di Parma boutique which sells scents and AdP leather goods!

    2. NAGELLE & STRUBEL. Within comfortable walking distance of the Douglas superstore Naegele & Strubell is located next to a tall ivory/gold coloured statue in the main mall at Graben 27.
    This is a fantastic store which sells many mainstream brands, but also an equally large variety of Niche and hard to find labels. Eg: Etro, Ranc'e 1795, Carthusia, Bond No.9, Keiko Mercheri, Miller Harris, Penhaligons, Floris, Santa Maria Novella and many many more.

    3. LE PARFUM. Our favourite Austrian scent store by far!
    Located approximately 30 meters around the corner from Nagelle and Strubel in Petersplatz 3, Le Parfum is a niche enthusiasts dream!!
    The store is small, but the range is fantastic. You can find Serge Leutens, Clive Christian, Carthusia, Armani Prive, Amouage, Goutal, MPG, Villoresi, Caron, Penhaligons, Tom Ford, Bond No. 9, Dior Couture Colognes, E. Coudray, Floris, Rancé, Washington Tremlett, Ombre Rose et al...
    Please see the thread titled "REVIEW: Le Parfum -Vienna" for more...

    4. MARIONNAUD. A good fragrance franchise with mainstream scents at good prices.
    Also with several stores in the city (eg: Graben close to the H&M store), Marionnaud offers a good range. We managed to find several great deals on Hermés, ST Dupont, Lanvin and some Etro.

    Hope this helps the enthusiast roaming the streets of Vienna!
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    Just to add a bit more information here (June 2010):

    1. Le Parfum, Nägele & Strubell are mentioned above.

    2. Duft & Kultur Aschauer see even further above.

    3. J.B. Filz, Graben 13 -

    4. Day Spa at Tuchlauben - - for the Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle and others.

    5. Marionnaud - the shop in the "Steffl" mall, Kaerntner Strasse, offers a better selection compared to other Marionnaud stores and also carries e.g. Serge Lutens.

    6. Knize at the Graben - - for the Eau de Toilettes.
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    Default Re: Vienna

    Just one question: When I was last in Vienna, there was a life-size fire-engine-red human ear about half-way up the left arc of the main entrance of the Stephansdom. I never did find out whether it was supposed to be modern art or just some practical joke. Is it still there?

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    Default Re: Vienna

    I have purchased fragrance at bothe J.B. Filz and Knize.
    The service at Filz was very good even though my purchase was a quick and small one (a small bottle of Violetta di Parma), but the service at Knize (I got Knize Ten and Belle Epoque) was outstanding.

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    Default Re: Vienna

    dear Austrian/Vienna BNers. Can you pls advise if John Varvatos men (the orginal) is available anywhere in Austria/Vienna? Retail shop not really online. Danke. HG
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    Default Re: Vienna

    Le Parfum in Vienna now also has the full range of Guerlain Exclusives, including the rare Sous le Vent and Vega.

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    Default Re: Vienna

    Le Parfum now sells the full range of Frederic Malle perfumes.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Vienna now has a Dior Boutique (selling the Exclusives) at the Kohlmarkt.

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