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    Thumbs up Amouage Dia - My Two Scents

    I got my samples from Amouage yesterday. 5 very NICELY sized atomizers for $10 from maisonstinky (thanks!) and I thought I'd share a little...

    I'd already tried Arcus and really really liked it (so much so that I bought 3 extra samples from him), and this added Gold, Dia, and Silver to my stable to test.

    Gold, from sniffing the sample atmoizer smells a lot like baby powder. Its stated as being a very formal scent and one that is the night-time compliment to wearing Dia during the day.

    So, I picked Dia to wear today.

    First reaction....CITRUSY FRESH.

    Its definitely got a powdery undertone, but a very pronounced and "in your face" citrus note that I am really liking. The bigarade (which I think is sort of a "bitter orange" essence) is mixing really nicely into the Ylang-ylang (I have a ylang-ylang candle that I LOVE, so I can pick that out for sure) and then mellowing really well. Its like a very "bright" smell that turns into a warmer, fresh smoothness.

    As its dried down a bit, I'm getting a very small hint of the leather, a good patchouli note, and a bit of the vetiver which is giving me a very "masculine" sort of take mixed with the powdery smell. I realize that is sort of a contradiction, "masculine powdery", but that's the best thing that comes to mind: Thas right...this is a MAN's baby powder, punk!

    It makes me sad that this stuff is so expensive, because its very very nice...I expect I'd get some severe compliments wearing this just about anywhere. While I think this smells, as they say, more like a daytime scent, I could even see wearing this at night, especially during the summer. However, that being said, I definitely don't get a "t-shirt and shorts" feel from this stuff. It makes me want to shave, put on a tie (or at least a shirt with more than two buttons), and slip on some shoes with a lil shine to em.

    Amouage scores a second huge thumbs up from me on this one, with Arcus being the first winner.
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    Default Re: Amouage Dia - My Two Scents

    I own Dia and I consider it formal enough for night.

    I have a lot of problems considering it a daytime scent.

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