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    Question Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    Greetings, All!
    I've been curious about fake fragrances for awhile. I've already seen tips on how to spot them. Have you ever liked any fakes? If so, who made them?

    I am instinctively against counterfeiting, and in favor of the real thing. And yes, I know that most of them probably suck. Yet I know that much of what you pay is for advertising and distribution. What if someone could make something that smelled really good, as long as it didn't make a false claim about actually being what it's duplicating?

    The rap in the ad usually goes something like this:
    • Smells exactly like Agua de Basura, but only costs only $12.95!
    • Our version of Eau de Cochon has less alcohol and more fragrance, so it's actually superior!
    • We make scents for Gluteus Maximus and La Femme Malade. Now you can order direct and save!

    The ads I object to are the ones on Ebay that mention the maker and product, and carefully word it so that it sounds like that's what you're getting, but cheaper. The kind of ad that people use to deceive old people on the phone. I've reported them to Ebay with no apparently result.

    To illustrate a grey area, here's an article about a guy who has been meticulously making duplicates for many years.

    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    In fact I have barely ever tried them. I once made the mistake of buying a bottle of Tommy Girl as a gift and when tested (luckily before given to the girl), it turned out to be a really nasty fake. Nothing like the real stuff, but the packaging was really well copied.

    I don't ever buy fakes, not in fashion, not in fragrances. Mainly because I think that the original stuff should be supported, it comes in nice bottles, it's decent juice, you know there's no health risk when used, etc.
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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    I am undecided about the fragrance clones, except for the ones that are fraudulent (very similar packaging, etc).

    Those little clear bottles that are "impressions of Poison" (for example) would be nice to spray around the house. I hate spraying expensive juice around; a cheap, similar alternative juice would be nice for that purpose alone.

    Also, if a company made candles that purposely smelled like certain fabulous perfumes, I would buy them in a heartbeat (within reasonable quality and price). I know that some houses make candles, but they cost nearly as much as the freakin' perfume itself.

    I am put off by the clone industry because of all the times that people have tried to hustle me into buying these semi-legal perfumes (on the street! in broad daylight!). The whole operation is shady.


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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by greyhueofdoubt
    I am put off by the clone industry because of all the times that people have tried to hustle me into buying these semi-legal perfumes (on the street! in broad daylight!). The whole operation is shady.

    So am I.

    Back in 2001 at a (now-closed) bookstore in my old hometown, a person who ran one of those Scentura distributors (read: scam artists) tried to sell me knockoff smellies.

    He tossed around lies like "this is the exact same juice in promotional packaging", "DuPont made the chemicals", and such. Didn't matter, anyway... the juices were bad. For example, the Polo Sport knockoff didn't even smell like Polo Sport (and my nose wasn't that experienced at the time!), nor did the Latitude Longitude ripoff smell like the real thing. I shudder to think what the White Diamonds and Obsession knockoffs in his backpack smelled like...

    Fortunately, the owner of the bookstore kicked him out for violating her "no soliciting" policy.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    I admit...I wear the "In-Style" (Walgreen's designer imposter brand) version of Polo Blue. I REALLY like the original Polo Blue, but it lasts just minutes on my skin. I just can't justify buying a whole bottle of something that doesn't last & project, so I'm content w/ paying $11 for a 3.4oz bottle of the knock-off, because it actually smells good.

    I also remember shortly after CK One came out, I wore a knock-off of it because it was cheaper. I thought it smelled pretty good. But after I finished that bottle I started wearing the real stuff.

    By the way...Wal-Mart's designer imposter brand SUCKS. They all smell decent upon first spray, but the drydown (which lasted from the time I walked to the cash register) SUCKS. They all dry down to this rancid patchouli note even if patchouli isn't one of the notes in the original scent!!!

    I haven't tried the designer imposters from Ebay though, nor do I think I'll ever try those. Besides the Polo Blue, I really have no interest in imposter frags.
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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    DO NOT repeat DO NOT wear fake frags.

    i work in a government authority which prosecutes people that sell these things. A couple of times the seller has had to say in court what he put in the bottle. the list is shocking!

    pigs urine

    no not purchase them. there is no excuse. frags on the net are really affordable nowadays!

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    It really depends on who is making the clone. I've used fragrance oils from Cape Cod Creatives (No plug intended) and each one smells EXACTLY like the original. Recently tried thier version of Clean on one arm versus the real juice on the other. Except for the briefly greater silage of the alcohol rather than oil, there was no difference from the original freshness blast through drydown. If anything, the clone lasted longer. Believe me, no one could possibly tell the difference, and I'm $65 richer.

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    Ive never seen any knock-off make any of the claims stated by the thread starter.They usually say,"If you like...,". I tried a few knock-offs when I first got into the fragrance game.I had one of joop which at that time I thought was very good and seemed to last longer.More recently, a dealer at the mall had a identical bottle of Lemale called Blue.He said something about it not being a knock-off,that the company changed and it was the same fragrance.I could not tell the difference in the two, but of course I didnt go for it.I will never consider a imitation.Im too serious about this to have bull**** in my collection.

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    Here in Thailand you will find loads of fake products, and perfume is included. The picture in the link given, is just similar to what we see here. Big bottles of juices stand on the table and then you choose the scent and the size of the bottle. They measure it by cc. I've never tried even once, as I thought it's a rip-off. But admittedly, in Tesco Lotus here I could buy Le Male imitation (75 ml) for 265 Baht or about USD6.90 or 3.85 English pounds. It's called Stich No. 2 and made in UAE. The scent is close to real Le Male, but I find it lighter and easier to wear, but, as being quite cheap, it lasts only 1-2 hours and then no scent can be detected on my skin. It's just gone, completely.

    This company imported these products:

    NOTE: The Stich No. 2 does not appear in these 2 links. You may search through google. I once saw it sold on the web site, in Europe.

    In addition, in Boots Pharmarcy here, I saw a shelf of perfume imitations, made in France and they cost about 700-900 Baht (USD18-23). I was about to buy the Cool Water clone, but paused my action as I can find the real one for 1,350 Baht, and it should be better in quality.
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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    1 word: YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man the copy frags are unacceptable !! Very yuck...
    Cant even think about people that buy the fakies will put it on their body ...

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    When I was young and rather stupid I bought a bottle of White Linen for a 'too good to be true' price. Funny thing was they had a tester that contained just the right smell (probably the real White Linen). After I came home I tried my 'bargain', spend half an hour in the bathroom (fill in the details) and then went back to the shop, fuming like Puff the Magic Dragon.

    The seller refused to take the bottle back, said it was 'all my imagination' and so..... I sprayed her horrible fake all over the place! Sent my friend in the next day and she said the shop was still smelling like a house of ill repute.
    So fakes: NO way. And the person who even thinks of selling me one will receive the same treatment as that seller many years ago.
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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    I once smelled a knock-off of Polo that smelled very, very like the original Greenbriar by Caswell-Massey.

    I ended up buying it on a lark (hey, it was only $4.99 plus tax, or something like that), but ultimately gave it away. It's not that it was all that bad; it wasn't. It's just that I had (and still have) lots of truly great scents, and didn't/don't need more stuff that I might only wear once a year, if that.

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    Default Re: Have you ever liked Fake Fragrances?

    The fragrances which are actually fakes, I would avoid completely. "Inspired by" type fragrances I would consider. A friend gave me a bottle of a fragrance oil inspired by "Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier" which is actually very good. I've not done a side by side comparison but on it does smell like Le Male and lasts very well. I've even got several complements on it. This was done by smellgoodzetc on Ebay.

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