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    Default This one is magical:

    I received my bottle of L'Artisan D'Humeur Reveuse this morning. I bought a 15 ml. on Ebay so I didn't have to buy the whole Sautes d'Humeur coffret.This is beautiful! Gads! I highly recommend this to fans of En Passant, Hiris, Premier Figuier and D'Orsay Tilleul. If you love Tilleul, especially, you just may swoon over D'Humeur Reveuse.

    My review:

    D'Humeur Reveuse has that shockingly beautiful airy accord, also captured in En Passant and Hiris, which brings the fragrance to the senses like a breeze carrying scents of the atmosphere. The first note on this breeze is freshly cut, very green, sweet grass. There's something floral mingling with the grass that warms to the smells of hay in sunlight, and shady trees. There are some flowers, too, but they are not yet in full bloom. The scent as a whole shocks me into feeling like it's summer in Upstate New York and I'm a child who is thrilled by the possibilities in life that are foreshadowed by the incredibly beautiful smells of nature. It's a rush of joy. There's something supernatural, magical about the effect of fragrance on memory, and its ability to inspire.

    D'Humeur Reveuse does indeed connote the mood of a lazy summer day, so, in that way I suppose it belongs in the Sautes d'Humeur coffret. But it's so much more than a complement to a coffret theme! This is a fabulous creation that deserves to be released on its own so it can be more widely enjoyed! It's one of those rare fragrances that smells alive.

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Tovah - I love reading your reviews here and elsewhere. I've got another one added to my wish list.

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Awww. Thank you, JenT!

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Nice review, Tovah, thanks a lot! Especially, I enjoy reading about personal memories evoked by the scent.

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Grass and hay? Mercy! Thanks for tell us.

    I'm awaiting samples of DSH Fresh Mown Hay and Broom Absolute because grass and hay are such pleasing scents to me.
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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Thank you- lovely review!

    Although I don't think this is my kind of fragrance, I enjoyed reading about your reaction to it.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Sounds like just the thing to fill in a few gaps in my wardrobe. I wish they sold it separately. Beautiful review.

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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Sounds wonderful!
    I am always curious of these dreamy scents with air, dirt or water themes. They seem to evoke strong images for many wearers. Either I fall in love deeply (Hiris), or I get frustrated because I can´t seem get the grip of them (En Passant).

    Thansk for the very lovely review, Tovah!
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    Default Re: This one is magical:

    Thank you very much for such a nice review!

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