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    Default Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    Hey guys, I feel compelled to tell you all about a woman whom I have purchased plastic type atomizers several times in the past with nothing but good things to say about and how she does business...this is not an advertisement for her, I do not work for her......She got my decants to me last time I ordered within two days from ebay, and not only thanks she has a very very customer service oriented and enthusiastic attitude in doing business with her customers and check up on them if there is an issue (or even if there isn't)...not to mention her prices are competitive and some of the cheapest i have found, and the atomizers are high quality soo far......

    Her ebay name is seattle_4

    ....for her service and help in the past I hope she gets all the business she can handle, because I love promoting vendors who do business by going the extra mile for the customer and making them feel special....cause thats how business should conducted by every vendor...

    Tell her your from Basenotes also and that Matt sent you, if we get enough folks, maybe in the future she could do discounts for members......

    Not sure if this was the right forum to post it in, but I felt compelled to voice my satisfaction with my service with her......


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    Default Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    Hey, I also happened to have dealt with her before! She was excellent, fast responses, good quality items and hilarious packaging!(box had all these stickers) She even added a few atomisers for free!

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    Default Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    I've also dealt with her as well. Excellent, fast service with free additional atomizers as well. Highly recommended.

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    Default Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    I am looking her up on Ebay as I am trying to find some decants. However, when I searched for her by ID, I am not coming across anything but empty atomizers, jars, etc...

    Did she stop selling decants or am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Talking Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    she only deals in the empty kind

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    Default Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    +1 for seattle_4, she and her hubby are friendly people always eager to satisfy their customers. Highly recommended.

    Another very good one on eBay is fragrant_fripperies5, she's also very nice and serious.

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    Default Re: Good decant dealer reccomendation....

    Ahh, i just got her stuff. She included 2 extra 5 mL decants, nice! and I asked for 4 vials of each color and she actually did that. cool. props to seattle_4.

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