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    Cool Taking Care of Business . . .

    We all know of inoffensive office scents, from Gendarme to--well, we know them. Some good, some not so good, etc. But what about a fragrance that you'd wear for far more important business occasions?

    Close a large account? Punch the boss on the nose? Form a new coalition government? ------- What would you wear?

    Checking my wardrobe and looking at my signature scents; Guerlian Vetiver is out--unless I'm trying to get a promotion as lumberjack foreman, or selling Club Med vacations whle sitting outside in a garden. Antaeus, like wearing all black, is for the night ( trust me on this, or ask The French) so unless I'm buying a Tango nightclub, I don't think so. . .

    Frankly, I can only think of two in the A+ category:

    1. Vintage Tabarome (of course)

    2. Tuscany/ Etruscan.

    After that, there's Dunhill '34 or Egoiste if you want to be as smooth as silk as you sweet talk the buyer or seller.

    But along the same lines of Tabarome and Tuscany what else is there??

    Francesco Smalto? Eucris? Esencia Lowe?

    Suggestions would be most welcome.


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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    got to be balenciaga! all that honey!
    coor blimey mary poppins, is that Aqua Motu or the penguins?

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Chanel Pour Monsieur is the one I usually reach for.

    It's refined, unfrivolous and doesn't have to shout.

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    For me it has to be Guerlain Heritage or Blenheim Bouquet. Both get the job done!

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Trussardi Uomo!!!

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Yatagan came automatically to my mind.
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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    For taking care of business, I use:
    - Boucheron Jaipur Homme (I prefer the EDP)
    - Caron Pour un Homme (I prefer the perfume version: L'Impact)
    - Lanvin L'Homme

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    I would suggest Guerlain's Heritage or Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet.

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    I tend to wear Bijan Men or Aramis while taking care of important business.
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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Versace The Dreamer, I wear it to any important negotiations.
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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    This is an interesting thread. For me, a 'power' scent should exude masculinity, confidence, aloofness, and independence. It should not contain anything sweet or comforting, but it should still smell good. To that end, my 'power' scents might be Antaeus, Bulgari ph, Guerlain Vetiver, or (maybe, in the winter) M7.

    The strange thing to me is that every list like this contains things like A*Men, Jaipur, Dreamer, etc. Those are, to my nose, very comforting, relaxed, sweet smells that denote softness, compliance, and agreeableness.

    Now, I'm not trying to put anyone down or anything (we all have unique tastes), but I'm sincerely curious as to what makes you all choose the scents you choose. Is it because you feel comfortable in them, and thus you feel confident while wearing them? Is it the kind of exotic mystery that comes with something like Jaipur? Do you just reach for it because it's your favorite scent to begin with?

    This is very interesting to me as a subject all on its own. Again, I don't want anyone to think that I'm putting them down by asking this; I'm just wondering if we all share some common motivating factor when choosing our frag for important days.


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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    L'Artisan's Tea for Two is great for me. Comforting tea scent yet smoky to exude some power and authority. But if i'm really serious, then Santos Concentree gets used instead.

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Creed Himalaya & Chanel Platinum Egoiste
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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    CHANEL's Platinum Égoïste
    Fendi Uomo
    Cartier's Eau de Cartier Concentrée
    Loewe para Hombre

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Another fragrance that is great for taking care of business is Penhaligon's English Fern, an austere fougere which creates a serious, peaceful aura on the wearer

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Need to add MICHAEL KORS to the power/confidence list.

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    Default Re: Taking Care of Business . . .

    Has no one mentioned Bois Du Portugal? That would be my choice in autumn or winter for delivering an important paper or applying for a tenured position. Warm, comfortable, not overly extravagant, but sophisticted and exuding classic masculinity, without the sticky sweetness of some other powerhouse scents.

    It does depend though on whether you want to feel good about yourself, or whether you have had psychological profiles made of the other negotiatiors which would suggest what scents would intimidate/pacify/coax them
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