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    Default Received Rive Gauche Today!

    I think I have definately found my scent. Wow, this is just so good. I cannot stop sniffing my wrists. I think this will at least temporarily be my sig scent. Have a question though:
    The seller said it was new in box, never used. However, when I pressed the sprayer, cologne immediately came out, while usually I have to press it at least 3-4 times when its a new bottle. Was I sold a used bottle?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I really love this cologne. Now I'll have to wait till Monday when I see my gf again and see her reaction.

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    I hav ewondered about this too: when I came across some DK Fuels in a store at a good price, I snacthed them up. I turned around and sold one "NIB", but I had sprayed it 3 or 4 times, just to make sure it wasnt filled with water or any of those horrorstories you hear with sought-after discontinueds. The buyer didn't complain, but I probably would have been just as suspicious as you, georgiatechboy, had I been on the other end of the transaction. Is this unethical? Should I have billed it as "99.9% full, tested once" rather than "NIB"?

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    I'm not sure. I would have no problem with someone testing the fragrance before sending it to me, I don't mind getting a few less sprays. I would actually prefer that to getting something full of water. I guess the only thing I was a little worried about was if it was used maybe 10-15%, because I can't see anything inside of the Rive Gauche bottle(aluminum not glass).

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    Hooray! You finally found something you like! After Yatagan failing miserably (I saw how fast it hit the swap list) I was a bit worried for you, so I'm glad you finally fell in love with something. If you order from Scentiments, you can get a 125ml bottle + shower gel for $40, which is a pretty good deal to keep in mind for when you order your next bottle. Oh, and apply moderately because this is definately a scent that is stronger than it seems to the wearer.

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    Thanks Giraffe!
    I will definately check out scentiments for my next purchase.
    Lol, I'm glad I finally found something as well...

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    Well, my second day wearing this and wow does it have good longevity and sillage. I put it on about 4 hours ago and it smells the same now as it did about 3 hours ago. This is not one of those colognes where you may forget you have it on, I definately am not experiencing any olfactory fatigue with this one. Every few moments I get another waft of it and its great. Haven't had an opportunity to wear it out yet, so I haven't received any feedback on it yet. Hopefully I'll hear something Monday when going to college and when I see my gf.

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    did you get the intense version or regular

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    Hey Joe,
    It is the regular version.

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    cool, this might be my next purchase

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    Default Re: Received Rive Gauche Today!

    Yeah, its great, I'm at around 8 hours of wearing it and while it isn't very very strong, it is still going pretty good. It seems like it wakes up again every once in a while...

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