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    Default I need your help! (gift)

    My girlfriends birthday is next month and I want to get her some cologne….errr…. I mean “perfume” (I get yelled for that hahaha)

    I know very little about woman’s frags. and what goes with what, ya know?

    What I’m trying to find is frag. that is very universal. Something that can be worn out on a nice dinner, yet can also be acceptable for a casual date or during school.

    Price is also a major aspect. I already have her a rather expensive gift so my budget is ~$20 Canadian. I was planning on picking up something from the swap shop that was 95+% full.

    Any ideas gals? Thanks

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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    Anyone? gee it takes people forever to reply! just jokin

    Here is a pic of her....3rd pic down on the left

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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    Quote Originally Posted by gator
    What I’m trying to find is frag. that is very universal. Something that can be worn out on a nice dinner, yet can also be acceptable for a casual date or during school.

    my budget is ~$20 Canadian.
    On these conditions it's a pretty tall order...

    Maybe you'd better just check out what's available on swap and read reviews for those. That's the best advice I can give, maybe someone else has better ideas.
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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    You're planning to buy her some slightly used, pre-owned perfume as a gift?

    Uh, careful, but that really can send the wrong message unless she is of the frugal type herself. I'm not sure if they have discount retailers like TJMaxx or Marshalls where you are, but I'd almost always favor giving a gift that is in new packaging even if it is something fairly cheap. Some of the Bath & Body Works sprays are fairly cheap and not all that unappealing.

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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    L'Air Du Temp is a universal, light romantic floral widely available.
    White Musk by The Body Shop is a well-liked light musk.
    Check out the Escada line if you think she likes fun, fruity fragrances.
    If you think she goes for Goth (funky) try out Goth Rosary online - they're inexpensive. But if you're in a hurry, don't bother because you really need to order the sampler first - their fragrances are unconventional.
    Okay - I don't know if I should say this, but the Brittany Spears and J-Lo line are popular :-) and they have some pretty good fragrances, really.

    I think all the above can be had for under $20, in smaller EDT's.

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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    Thanks for your comments

    what are the chances that a place like Sears would sell me a unused "sample" bottle or somthing around 10-15mls?

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    Default Re: I need your help! (gift)

    Gator, what a beautiful girlfriend you have!

    First, you must get some idea of her preferences. What does she wear to impress you, her hunken honey bun? Musk? Florals? Ambers? Orientals?Then off you go to some place like TJ Maxx or Ross's. You can often find some great mark downs there. Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is pretty much an all around winner if you can find it for a decent price at the stores I've suggested. It's ultra-feminine, perfect for any season, any occasion. You might possibly pick up a sample pack of Estee Lauder's fragrances at a department store, except they might be a wee bit pricier. I think they sell EL's perfumes in perfume sticks for around $20, too. Although I hate EL's Happy, you might get it for her in perfume stick form and tell her that's how she makes you feel. Even if she hates it, she'll love you for the sentiment.

    Jovan's White Musk is lovely and can be found at most drug stores. My husband bought it for me many years ago, and we both still love it. Be careful though, it's a man magnet. We don't want anyone running off with that pretty lady.

    Why not buy her a beautifully-wrapped bottle of bubble bath? Then invite yourself in to help her try it out

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    Wink Re: I need your help! (gift)

    I too would caution against giving 'anything' to your girlfriend as a birthday gift that is anything less than 'new'! It may be the last time you have to worry about a gift idea - LOL! My suggestion, believe it or not, is Vanderbuilt. It can be found at most drugstores or even some more inclusive grocery stores, and will likely not set you back more than $20 for a small bottle. I am also from Canada and realize that our store options are not as plentiful as they are in some parts of the US. You should have no problem finding it at a SuperStore or even London Drugs, etc. I have worn this perfume as a 'weekend' or causal scent for many years and I get comments all the time from people on how good it smells. They usually can't believe it is Vanderbuilt. I actually get more attention from it than some of the perfume I have paid $150 for a bottle. If she has the right body chemistry and it 'clicks' with this scent - you will have a winner and you both will end up happy! Good luck to you in your search!

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