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    Default UGH! This scent almost makes me vomit!

    WOW! i'm so lucky I didn't buy this fragrance--because I had sampled it once and thought I liked it. Also the very odd thing is that this scent is a spin-off of another scent, a scent which I really like.

    This scent is Cartier Declaration Bois Bleu.

    I have Declaration and Declaration Essence and like them both a great deal. The Bois Bleu is supposed to be a lighter, fresher version of Declaration. How could that be bad?

    Well, I don't know what it is, but I got a sample of it the other day at Sephora. I put some on my arm and thought it was OK...but OMG there is something in it that emerges after about 20 seconds that just makes me retch... I seriously feel a need to vomit when I smell it. Neither of the other versions of Declaration do this to me-- in fact I love both of them.

    But with Bois Bleu, it starts off fine but like i said, after about 20 seconds the "bottom drops out" kind of like one of those spinning centrifuge rides at the carnival and I get sick to my stomach. There is just something so foul and repulsive about this scent and I can't even put my finger on it. It's not the cumin note--since I like the other versions of Declaration. Also, it's not necessarily something necessarily animalic, like say a civet note. Whatever it is--and maybe this gag reaction is exclusive to me, of all people in the world. But I've NEVER smelled a fragrance that has almost caused me to retch...

    I actually wrote this thread two days ago, but deleted it before posting--I thought, "ah. who cares, it's probably just the reaction to your skin--it's been a hot, sweaty day. It's probably you." Well, I've tried over and over. i just sprayed some on my skin before typing this and I'm almost sick right now. I can't explain this at all. Odd, because I THOUGHT I liked Bois Bleu from the few brief times I sniffed it. So I decided to rewrite this and post it.

    Bois Bleu tries to go for a cool wet vibe, but really it comes off as "clammy". Seriously, if I had to use one word to describe Bois Bleu, it would be clammy.

    God what an awful fragrance.

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    Default Re: UGH! This scent almost makes me vomit!

    Yup Indie, i've got your back on this one! Didn't like it either.

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    Default Re: UGH! This scent almost makes me vomit!

    Interesting, I used up almost a bottle of the original Declaration - usually I use just one -max. two- frags in a given time. But from about the half (?) of it I had almost the same feeling you had with this Bleu. Finally I gave it up. One or two times I tried to make peace with what had remained in the bottle but the result was washing it up. So, that disturbing note must be within the original, albeit in perhaps a smaller contrentation.

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    Default Re: UGH! This scent almost makes me vomit!

    I was looking at the notes of Bois Bleu to see what was different. There's some note called "penner". What the hell is penner? Does anyone know? Whatever it is, it sounds kind of unappealing.

    I sprayed some Bois Bleu on a card for my brother (who wears Declaration a lot) and his reaction was the same as mine. He was repulsed by it. Nasty stuff. This fragrance is like some kind of ipecac.

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