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    Default New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Hello all!

    Well Im a new member to the forums. I just want to introduce myself to everybody here as I have the feeling I'll be returning often. Im a 19 year old college student working my way into the real world. Just over 4 months I have taken in a real interest into fragrances. So I still have LOTS to learn.

    I must say though I have already learned alot from this forum from the past couple days of looking around. So im looking forward to learning more about fragrances.

    Well I was hoping I could get some suggestions on some new fragrances. Im wanting to expand my horizon and try out some new stuff. Most the stuff I've picked up are scents a few friends suggested which I of course love.

    I feel the need to try out some new stuff so Im open to suggestions. Im looking for something to use in the evening. Something romantic...but yet casual. I hate standing in a store for long periods of time smelling new scents. I'd much rather know what Im looking for and determin if I like it or not. So if you know any fragrances that I might like please share as your opinion will count. So any help is appreciated!

    My collection consist of:

    Armani Code
    Armani Mania
    Jean Paul Gaultier
    V/S by Versace
    D&G Masculine
    Burberry Brit for men
    Chrome by Azzaro
    Acqua De Gio

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Welcome to Basenotes, osker!

    If you want something for the evening that is romantic yet casual, I suggest:
    - Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (you will get compliments with this one)
    - Dior Homme by Christian Dior

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Warm welcomes to a fellow college student.

    I am in the same situation you are but I got into this whole game a long time ago.

    I assume you don't have the money we all would like but can't seem to find? I know I don't. In this case I'll suggest some that are less expensive.

    Some that I think you may like:
    Guerlain - Herritage
    Guerlain - Habbit Rouge
    YSL - Live Jazz
    Christian Dior - Dior Homme
    Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled
    Lacoste - Lacoste pour homme
    Guerlain - Vetiver

    Those are just some to get you started. They are easy to find and cheap in the stores. Good luck with those. Welcome!

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Welcome to Basenotes! I was in a similar situation as you at one point as well. When I read your post, for some reason, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche also popped into my head. Both Rockford and Envyus recommended Dior Homme as well, which I love. But yeah, definetly check those two out.

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Guess Man

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Thank you all for the kind replies!

    Im going to the mall sometime this week so ill be sure to check out the suggestions. Suprisingly enough though im actually not as broke as I imagined myself being. So cash isnt really to much of a problem for me at the moment. Lets just hope it stays that way*Knocks on wood*

    But does anybody have any personal favorite websites for online shopping?

    I'd like to make shopping a bit easier for me in the future. I just hate going to the mall =P Again I appreciate the input.
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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions. has wild prices. wildly cheap that is. has a nice interface has a nice interface too has fairly cheap prices

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    I'd like to suggest Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo as a fragrance very suitable for a young guy looking for some casual elegance. It's a very nicely blended woody oriental with a tasteful amount of vanilla. You should be able to find it on line or at perfume outlets at reasonable prices.
    Currently wearing: Coriolan by Guerlain

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    In the same mood of what you seem to like I suggest you to try:
    Bulgari Aqva for a fresh and acquatic juice
    Dior Homme or Bulgari Black for a heavier semi-oriental with powdery sweet notes

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Bvlgari PH, D&G PH, Burberry Touch, Burberry Brit, Victoria Secret Very Sexy For Him 2

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    I have to tell you, your attitude towards going to stores will hurt you in the long run. Sure, there are plenty of good scents that can be had from websites like for about $25, which is awesome, but money aside it could get frustrating if you keep ordering scents based on our recommendations and then dislike them and face dissapointment time and again. This happens all the time to people who assume that they will like what we like. If you're willing to take chances and possibly face some dissapointment, then I guess your strategy will work fine.

    I think Gucci Envy is a good match for you.

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    Thanks again for reccomendations guys ill be checking them out.

    The_Giraffe you probably misunderstood me. I simply wanted to know good websites to order cologne so I can buy the ones im already familiar with. Its true I dont like going out shopping an all. But Im smart enough to know I should check out the frangrance before I buy it. Thats why I was asking for reccomendations. So I can simply be in and out of the store knowing what to look for and if I like it or not.

    When my nose starts picking up and Im able to pick out certain frangrances. I plan on spending a bit more time checking stuff out on my own. But for now I'd like to hear what others have to say.

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    Default Re: New member. Im open to suggestions.

    This is a little late, but welcome to the boards.. Since you are looking for interesting fragrances to purchase online, I am going to reccomend some choices that I think might be beneficial to you.. based on quality and price... It also seems that you have a lot of fresh modern scents in your arsenal... I shall attempt to suggest things that broaden your wardrobe a bit?

    Paco XS- still maintains the freshness, very versatile
    Bulgari Black - a powdery rubber/vanilla blend that is usually found quick cheap
    Dolce & Gabanna By - sensual vibrant scent that's sweet and slightly musky
    Burberry Brit - another powdery scent, receives many compliments
    Iceberg Twice - almost minty sweet floral fragrance, and found VERY cheap
    Gucci Envy - has been suggested by others
    Escada Magnetism - metallic grapey fragrance, great for clubbing
    Rochas Man - easiest wearing gourmand - sweet and sexy.

    If you are looking for more modern fresh scents or aquatics...

    L'eau Par Kenzo - citrus yuzu fragrance, very light with a hint of vanilla in the drydown

    Calvin Klein Escape for Men - a citrus wood blend that is quite pleasant and fairly inexpesive, and not used as heavily as it used to be

    Happy for men by Clinique - summer staple, light citrus scent, short on longevity... but very refreshing...

    hope this helps a bit!

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