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    Default Havana vs Havana Reserva

    Well it has been a while since I last saw these boards. I used to post as Snake_Eater up until last year but found I had to re-register.

    Anyway, Havana. I have the reserva but never tried the original as we all know it is hard to find. I can liken it to Anteus (another of my great favourites) but with fruit. There is something very special about it, but my bottle is running low!

    1) What is the difference between the Reserva and original?

    2) Doese anyone know were I can get some? more so in Australia.

    I am really keen on reducing my collection right down and if any member out there is willing to part with some Havana, it would be great. I think this might be more appropriate to the swap section but I have Amouge Silver Crystal and Gold, L'artisan Passage D' Enfer and some Trussardi Oumo that I will happily swap with any member. Please let me know or PM me if you can assist.

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    Default Re: Havana vs Havana Reserva

    The difference between these two has been discussed extensively and the consensus is very, very little.

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