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    Default "Authentic" Creed Stores/Sites for Purchase


    I'm a newbie to Creed (and BN) and it seems that you either hate or love the house. Recently, I was in Neiman Marcus and the rep went to extended lengths to indicate that Neiman was the only authorized store to sell Creed. He succeeded in spooking me; given the unscrupulous nature of some business establishments, where have others gone when purchasing Creed? EBay frightens the daylights out of me while some sites like Scentiments et al seem legit. I'm also not sure what to make of the "tester" options either. How can one tell, if at all, when you have truly bought an authentic Creed if it has come from Neiman's (at near $200). I appreciate the feedback.

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    Default Re: "Authentic" Creed Stores/Sites for Purchase

    I have ordered multiple fragrances from, including Creed, and all have been fresh and authentic.

    My fiance had a similar experience to yours with the Hermes store in Beverly Hills. They argued that Hermes fragrances online were not authentic, but the bottles I've received were without a doubt Hermes.

    Ebay seller creeddirect has also been reported to offer authentic Creed, but I have no experience with them.

    Do your research and you should be fine.
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    Default Re: "Authentic" Creed Stores/Sites for Purchase

    I wouldn't even consider it worthwhile to discuss e-traders in a regular shop. Of course, traditional dealers feel and hate the competition. A lot they have to say about them is political and based on rumors. More than half of the turnover in perfumery is based on myth rather than facts.

    Are we sure whether Creed themselves do not feed the e-market with 'overproduction' ? Wherever there is price fixing involved, all kinds of irregular things can happen. How is it possible, that Creed will not permit the sale of smaller bottles in certain regions? Why can I buy MKK only in Paris??

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    Default Re: "Authentic" Creed Stores/Sites for Purchase

    Bull of this sort would be sufficient reason for me never to set a foot in that store again, after clearly letting them know why. As scouring the posts here will show you, Creed is the most easily available niche frag there is, so easily, in fact, it really does not qualifiy as niche anymore.

    I've bought all my Creeds off ebay (Germany) or folks here and never had a problem. I will soon find out whether my 60$ Green Irish Tweed risk purchase from ebay US was for real or not. If you check the post here discussing online discounters you will find many reliable addresses.

    Testers are fine, though you will want to keep them in a box for protection from light.

    btw.: Creed is not a love it or leave it thing for me at all. I do love REL, Tabarome, Bai de Genievre, find Imperiale good, did not like Royal Water at all. I do intend to try them all . Creed's self-promotion can be a bit nauseating, especially since it's the same lame spiel over and over again, but I won't hold it against them, as long as they produce Royal English Leather

    You should definitely test before you buy. In fact, why not have Neiman give you a wad of Creed samples and then tell them you're going to buy the stuff elsewhere
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    Default Re: "Authentic" Creed Stores/Sites for Purchase

    You can shop at for the low prices, although they are often out of stock....or go to for retail prices but a wide collection of Creeds which is always in stock.

    Both these sites have stock which is always in mint condition.

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