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    Default Some blinds and some repeats!

    I just went crazy over this weekend and got:

    ST Dupont homme (regretted this, not longlasting on me, the freshness is gone fast)

    Jazz (i have tried this one a loooong time ago and forgot about it cause i used more live jazz)

    boucheron man (i can't believe i haven't tried this one before! it's been the best in a while, a true revelation and it smells amazing on me)

    Lanvin L'homme (good but very forgettable)

    Boss Elements (again, i have used boss elements aqua, wich i don't think ti's earth-shattering)

    Eau de Cartier (repeat!)

    Givenchy's Phi (finally after avoiding this one cause i'm not too much of a vanilla fan for years, i gave it a go and boy am I Happy!!)

    armani He (i have EA night He, it's still my favorite of this line)

    Oscar de la renta pour lui ('81)

    Swiss Army for men (yuck! never again...)

    Versace's Balck Jeans for men (wow! i had this a loong time ago and i'm happy i got it again it's so good)


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    Default Re: Some blinds and some repeats!

    I just got my first bottle of eau de cartier concentree, I don't really see how this can be considered unisex but whatever. I really don't understand buying that many different bottles at a time because it dosen't seem like youd have enough time to enjoy all of them equally but to each their own i guess...

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    Default Re: Some blinds and some repeats!

    Not to be pedantic, but Givenchy Phi...

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