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    Default CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    Hi All!
    Well, it has been just ridiculously hot here in the northwest, which always poses a problem for me fragrance-wise. I have long preferred stronger orientals, and woody, spicy fragrances, but I am just now starting to develop a nose for the fresher side of things. I still detest aquatics in general, but some citrus and “fresh” style fragrances are becoming more interesting. Along these lines, and as a result of the intense heat I dug out a sample of Vettiveru that Indy_Guy sent me quite a while ago, and have worn it the last two days. Finally today I stopped by The Perfume House and picked up the huge mouthwash-sized bottle.
    This is a really nice scent. It is not as heavy and thick as Guerlain’s, which I enjoy but have always found a bit too lemony and heavy. It can easily smell outdated and anachronistic on me. This CDG version is much lighter bodied and easier to wear. You cannot overdose on this – it is meant for splashing, and the lasting power is about what you would expect from an EDC. It retains that CDG characteristic spiciness thanks to a strong black pepper note that picks up in the drydown. Overall, it is not as sour and earthy as Malle’s VE, but it is similar in it’s commitment to the true vetiver fragrance.
    To order a sample try Luckyscent:
    Thanks for reading,

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    I think it's a very nice scent also. However, the short longevity is definitely something that would keep me from purchasing it.

    Oddly enough, one of the other scents from that line ... Citrico ... is weak also, but lasts very long on me. It just stays close to the skin.

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    I love this one to death, the second vetiver fragrance I can actually love (the other one being Frederic Malle's already mentioned version). Great you like it a lot!

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    Glad you like it Slim!

    I've found that most people not only really like Vettiveru, but when they see the bottle and sniff it, they find it to be a really addicting experience. They keep sniffing and sniffing. Some scents a person will sniff once. Others, a few times. I think Vettiveru is the king of "just stand there and inhale it like a free-base addict" scents.

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    Very coincidental. I have been going through the same thing with hot weather and my favs (orientals and spices) just don't work. I also tested many samples of fresh scents (including vetivers), and thought they were okay, but nothing thrilled me.

    Then, Scentemental gave me a complimentary Vettiveru with one of my purchases. And with my past experience, I assumed it would be one more disappointment. But it blew me away. The first fresh scent that impressed me. I recommend sampling this to anyone who is looking for a different kind of vetiver, or who is having trouble finding a summer fragrance.

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    I've made it a point to throw in a complimentary sample of CdG Vettiveru with most of my orders as a way of quietly promoting what is really a wonderful, textured vetiver fragrance that deserves a much wider audience. It's also a very versatile vetiver; splash it on for casual adventures or even dress it up for more formal ones; it wears well in all situations. I have received very favorable responses most times I've worn it and from most of those I've sent it to as a complimentary sample. I am glad to hear you like it. I like to think and perhaps fool myself that I know my stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scentemental
    I've made it a point to throw in a complimentary sample of CdG Vettiveru with most of my orders as a way of quietly promoting what is really a wonderful, textured vetiver fragrance that deserves a much wider audience.
    I'm glad you did, because it is a long shot I would have tried this one on my own.

    Anyway, now that their colognes have my attention, I think this was actually a pretty gutsy move on their part. Big splash bottles of cologne do not fit a hip image, nor do they fit what I see coming from conservative perfumers.

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    Cool Re: CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    Oops. Posted this on my thread: " Summer/Citrus Poll or Thanks Scentemental "
    I didn't see this thread--duh.
    Ok, at the risk-make that certainty-of repeating myself, I was delighted with this frag and amazed that it smelled, of all things, acquatic!

    Perhaps it's my body chemistry or fried brain synapses, but I'd swear it's far more marine than most marine frags. I don't know how vetiver+ incense (yeah, I know it's the 'cologne' series but I still get a dash of incense) could possibly equal the seashore, but for me, it does.

    I'm not a big fan of CdG, either. Yes I've enjoyed the weirdness of Sequoia, and Avignon, but after a while the joke gets a bit thin.

    My congratulations nevertheless, to those who find Sequoia to be the finest wood scent ever, or who get groups of nuns accosting them on the street to compliment them on Avignon.

    I merely note my antecedents with the Cdg line to add credibility when I recommend you should buy this.

    Er, did I say buy? Ok, give it a sniff first . . .

    Then become addicted.


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    Default Re: CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    After reading this thread, I decided to try some CDG Vettiveru myself, from a decant that I obtained from Scentemental. And it is good stuff! It has a very light but pleasant vetiver woody scent. It does wear close to the skin, but that is just the kind of fragrance it is. I usually like my fragrances to be stronger and have more projection, but I like CDG Vettiveru anyway. Good stuff indeed!

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    Hey Slim, I noticed you purchased this bottle at the Perfume House in Portland. Oregon.

    I took a road trip to this "best perfume store in the world" a few weekends ago and had a private audience with Chris, one of the world's recognized "noses" who has studied under the world's finest perfumers in Europe, particularly in Germany and Fance. I had seen this place mentioned in other threads, but they had no hint as to what a magnificent fragrance house this is. The website is which has fabulous pictures that only HINT at the wealth of products inside, as well as a bio of Chris.

    He pulled out some extremely rare frags and actually gave me some samps of them. He also pulled out of the vault some pure perfume blends he had personally made for the Saudi royal family, as well as some aristocractic French families. They were incredible, like nothing I have ever smelled before.

    I have been meaning to start a thread about this INCREDIBLE store, with its complete Chanel and Caron boutiques, as well as CDC, Lutens, Clive Christian, L'Artisan, Patou, extremely rare fragrances, etc., but I was so blown away by the store's lines and my two-hour conversation with Chris that writing it up seems like an exhaustive project, and one that I'm not even sure I could do justice. I have been in many a perfume store in my day, but this one transcends the words "perfume store."

    Walking into the store takes your breath away with its wealth of products. I knew it was different from the start when he sprayed scents on cotton balls instead of the ubiquitus paper strips. He also suggests you refresh your nose by smelling 4711 instead of coffee beans, which we all know has nothing to do with "cleansing your pallet." He will also offer a clean towel to breath deeply in to, which truly DOES clear your olfactory senses.

    Did you catch the Fabrage egg, draped in diamonds, presented to him by the French government in appreciation of his promotion of the French perfume industry? It was presented by the French ambassador, complete with limosines, bodyguards, etc...apparently I was sitting in the same chair as the ambassador three years earlier! It is enconsed in a locked glass case, insured for over a million dollars.

    I purchased a rare bottle of French Line by Revillon (you can find minis on many ebay stores, but NEVER a whole bottle). I could easily have purchased more rarities, but money was a factor. I have on back order a velvet black box of 1/3 oz each of the Clive Christian fragrances for men--pure perfume for $250.00, an incredible deal, considering they're one whole oz of pure perfume for $250.00, where an ounce of #1 costs well over $600...or was it $800? He talked Clive Christian personally in to offering this product. He has the same deal for CC's women's fragrances.

    Like I said, he knew and had worked with all of the great masters (he's in his 70s and a very erudite, wordly gentleman in a tweed jacket and tie who could not have been more gracious to me.) I learned more about perfumery from him than I have in 15 years of acquiring scents. He is truly the "last of the breed" and my visit to him and his store was unquestionably THE highlight of my fragrance hobby. His enthusiam for fragrance bought him alive...he grew animated, excited and exhibited the joy of a 20 yr old when discussing his beloved fragrances. He actually took the time to get to know me and my tastes and offered some scents I had never heard of...and I have 300 bottles of perfume and decants. He introduced me to the house of Rance, who has duplicated the men's and women's scents ordered for Napoleon and Josephine...( Rance is the oldest, continuously producing house in the world, per Chris...) The men's scent, which is called Le Vainqueuer, is in the directory but mistakenly listed as a women's scent), was beyond beautiful, and sold for only a little over $90.00 for a large bottle. It was accompanied by a sheet that detailed the painstaking effort to revive, note for note, the original recipe. When the CC package arrives, (it was on back order as apparently he sells a ton) I'm going back to sample his recommendations as we simply ran out of time...his store closed at 5:00pm and despite a previous commitment, he talked with me long after the store had officially closed.

    So, I had to ask...what's the finest women's perfume in the world? He looked a little puzzled, saying something to the effect that "oh, it's well documented," as somewhere an official "list" had been published, no doubt by the French. His immediate answer was Joy. When I asked about the men's, he smiled, walked back to the vault and handed me TWO sample vials of a fragrance called "Prometeus" which he said all types of business tycoons, European royalty, movie and sports sars with taste the world over would give their left nut for a bottle. It's Russian...something about one of the czars...and the vial reads "Kailschewsky GmbH" and other word that appears is "Augsburg." My computer skills leave a little to be desired, but for me, a Google search revealed nothing. I have been too indimidated to even open the vial, much less smell it or wear it. One day. He also touched upon the extremely strict rules of French perfumery in order for a scent to be called a "classic," including that at least on botle had to be released in gold, it had to have so many years of what he called a "perfect" run of bottles, even down to the smallest details of when the raw materials had to be harvested (early in the morning.) He only gave a hint of the incredibly stringent standards and practices of the French perfume industry.

    If you are in or near Portland, you are incredibly lucky to have this monument to the world's best scents, and one of the most knowledgable men in the perfume industry, nearby.

    Can you share your thoughts with me about this store? I was truly like a kid in a candy shop...and to make the experience even better, his prices were not only fair, but in some cases, cheap! Not once during our conversation did he try to "sell" me anything...I felt like I was talking to a mentor who truly took an interest in me and my tastes and perfume knowledge rather than an owner of a business whose livelihood depended on people purchasing his products. His wife, his son and her wife both work there also.

    Again, I am very curious about your experience with this store, and to perhaps recommend it to ANYONE who wants to step foot in the most amazing perfume store in America, if not the world.

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    Default Re: CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    Hey Perfumeaddict,
    Glad you likes The Perfume House! Its a dangerous place to have nearby and a great resource. Their prices are a bit higher than some of the internet outlets, but I enjoy the place so much that I sometimes pay full retail just to support them.
    I do find Chris to be a bit of a huckster though. I think half of his stories are pretty suspect…
    In general though, the SAs there are excellent. I was there once when this teen-age kid came in trying to buy “something expensive” for his girlfriend. He knew nothing about fragrance and this would be her first fragrance. The SA refused to sell him anything over $60.00, saying that she could get something more expensive when she turned 18. This sounds a bit snobby, but really was a considerate gesture.
    Their website needs an update though…


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    Default Re: CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    I looked on the Internet to see where one might buy a full bottle. I only found one place selling Vettiveru (Lucky Scent). Which means almost nobody wants to carry this.

    I sure hope it is around for awhile.

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    Default Re: CDG:Vettiveru - Good Stuff!

    Vettiveru is now available also in 125 ml bottle if 500 ml sounds too scary...

    Aus Liebe zum Duft (36,50 €)

    Premiere Avenue (39,00 €)
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