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    I just tryed out the new nautiuca and believe it's a future classic like adg...I know alotta people on here like to believe only creed and a few other exclusive brands can make good cologne but since i haven't seen it mentioned has anybody else got a chance to try this and what do you think?

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    I smelled this yesterday shopping for a new scent for DH and liked it a lot. However, it seemed very feminine to me. I could swear once it dried down it smelled exactly like L'eau D'Issey for her. I think the bottle is fantastic, though.

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    I have a few samples of it.
    My impression of it is that it is pretty fresh, it has medium-to-good longevity, and it has the marks of a best-seller. However, it's not something that I would buy. I'm not a big fan of fresh/aquatic scents in general, regardless of brand name. To me, 'fresh' colognes basically smell just like clean laundry or soap, which is not a bad smell- it's just not what I'm looking for in a fragrance.

    If you like it, then you should buy it. There aren't many people where I live who wear it, so it's safe to say that the market isn't saturated yet.


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    it's rad. i dig it. will people discover it down the line and extol its turning into a cool water / adg contender? maybe. but who cares for now? you'd be famous for making 'the discovery.'

    also, i think i remember reading the descriptoin of it saying something like its supposed to call memories of the sea or something like that, to push the look how watery we are cause we're nautica label. is that anything like erolfa? or whichever creed it was that supposedly reminded people of salt and sea water. i think saltiness is an interesting masculine component if not overdone.

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    i'm not sure about the whole "discovery" thing, but i can tell you this didn't do much for me at all. i tried voyage out a while ago, and i could't detect anything new, for sure, and i wasn't impressed with the dry down or the longevity. i'm glad you found something you like, but i believe wholeheartedly that there are /much/ better "discoveries" to be made.

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    naturally there's better stuff out there, just as there's better stuff than adg and cool water. a discovery does not necessarily have to be that of a niche fragrance. and we're theorizing a discovery by the world of this fragrance and the ensuing "market saturation" as ben put it.

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    I don't know... I feel that if something that has existed for a while already suddenly becomes very popular, then it must mean one of two things:

    -No one knew about or could find it before the popularity (but the problem with this is that it would STILL be hard to find AFTER it became popular... An uphill battle)


    -People are wearing it BASED on its popularity, and not really on its merits as a scent. In that case, then ANY scent could be the next AdG; it matters little how good it really smells. Witness Sean John's recent advertising blitz (that is not to say that I don't like his frag, but it's a good example of how well marketing works).

    So, basically, yes: Voyage is ok. It's just as OK as Fierce, Curious, Just Me, Curve Soul, etc, etc. and it's impossible to predict which one will become the next big thing.

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    To me, Voyage smells like it could be one of the endless versions of Curve. It's not bad, but seems too synthetic and just doesn't work with me. I don't think this scent is unique enough to become a classic, but if you like the "fresh" stuff, this one might fit your bill.

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