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    Talking Demeter Pipe Tobacco

    Hey guys I was checking out a good deal on ebay for this it sounds awesome I love the smell of pipe tobacco, has anyone smelled this it sounds delicious?


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    I have smelled it and its nice. I also have "Humidor" which is great also. when ever I stand in a large humidor room in a cigar store, I always think that I could live here it smells so awesome. Well, now I can
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    Default Re: Demeter Pipe Tobacco

    Hmmmmmmmm...... I dunno I smoked pipe tobacco for 3 hours every night for over 30 years and there is pipe tobacco and there is "pipe tobacco". They are like fragrances in that they are made up of all types of tobaccos, some with additives added, some pure tobacco. Latakia smells nothing like burly, etc.

    Having said that, I'd expect that cologne to smell like a 'sweet'(vanilla, cherry, chocolate, etc.) pipe tobacco...................

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