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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Great thread. I don't know how i missed it the first time around.

    Most Expensive: Creed SMW
    Least Expensive: Laguna

    Brightest: SMW
    Darkest: Black Cashmere

    Smoothest: Tam Dao
    Roughest: Havana

    Sweetest: New Haarlem

    Woodiest: Tam Dao (barely beats out Visit)

    Most Natural: SMW (according to their hype)
    Most Synthetic: Nicole Miller

    Most Precious: Nicole Miller
    Most expendable: Obsession

    Oldest (issue date): J.H.L
    Newest: Idole de Lubin

    Favorite bottle: Idole de Lubin
    Least Fav bottle: Visit

    First Frag Ever: Obsession ('86 or '87)

    i could keep coming up with categories forever so i think i'll quit here for now
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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive (not including decants): Mazzolari Lui
    Least Expensive (not including presents): Old Spice

    Brightest scent: Signoricci
    Darkest scent: Jacomo de Jacomo

    Smoothest Scent: Moods Uomo
    Roughest scent: One Man Show

    Sweetest Scent: A*Men
    Woodiest scent: Cypres-Musc

    Most Natural: Eau de Monsieur
    Most Synthetic: Joop Homme

    Most Precious: Tabarome (original)
    Most Expendable: Brut (plastic bottle)

    Greenest Scent: Original Vetiver
    Most animalic scent: Mazzolari Lui

    Most Masculine Scent: Quorum
    Least Masculine Scent: Ice*Men

    Most luxurious smelling: Green Irish Tweed
    Cheapest smelling: Tabu

    Favorite chypre: Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Favorite fougere: Paco Rabanne Pour Homme
    Favorite oriental: Mazzolari Lui
    Favorite citrus: Eau Sauvage
    Favorite powerhouse: Kouros, Giorgio For Men (dead tie)

    Scent I'd pick if I could only live with one: Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Oldest necro-thread ever... But looks like fun.

    Most Expensive: JAR - Golconda
    Least Expensive: Old Spice

    Brightest scent: Jo Malone - Nutmeg & Ginger
    Darkest scent: Nasomatto - Black Afgano

    Smoothest Scent: Costume National - Homme
    Roughest scent: Nasomatto - Black Afgano

    Sweetest Scent: Diesel - Diesel Zero Plus
    Woodiest scent: CDG - Jaisalmer

    Most Natural: JAR - Golconda
    Most Synthetic: CDG - Soda

    Most Precious: JAR - Golconda
    Most Expendable: YSL L'Homme
    Has everyone checked out my Top 100 Blog??

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Chanel Eau de Cologne
    Least Expensive: Old Spice

    Brightest: Guerlain Imperiale
    Darkest Scent: Hard to say...Berdoues no. 444 Extra Vieille

    Smoothest: Chanel pour Monsieur (vintage)
    Roughest: Speick Cologne

    Most Natural: 1950s Farina Gegenuber EdC
    Most Synthetic: Alyssa Ashley Musk

    Most Precious: tie between Farina Gegenuber and Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua Colonia
    Most Expendable: D.R. Harris Traditional Cologne

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Amouage Ubar
    Least Expensive: Bambou Weil

    Brightest scent: Vent Vert
    Darkest scent: L'Arte di Gucci

    Smoothest Scent: Jil Sander Woman III
    Roughest scent: Serge Noir

    Sweetest Scent: Balenciaga Cristobal
    Woodiest scent: Balman

    Most Natural: E. Coudray Jacinthe et Rose
    Most Synthetic: Jil Sander Style

    Most Precious: Autographed Aomassai
    Most Expendable: Giorgio Red

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive, Least Expensive: Tribute Attar by Amouage, $5 bottle of vintage Tabu
    Brightest scent, Darkest scent: Eau Sauvage, Habanita
    Smoothest Scent, Roughest scent: Ambre Sultan, Kouros
    Sweetest Scent, Woodiest scent: Rive Gauche (womens), Timbuktu
    Most Natural, Most Synthetic: No. 19 , Avignon
    Most Precious, Most expendable: Feminite du Bois, none,
    If fragrance has a gender, so does all art.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Brightest scent: Live Jazz
    Darkest scent: Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui (Vintage)

    Smoothest Scent: M7
    Roughest scent: Kouros

    Most Natural: Pino Silvestre ?
    Most Synthetic: The Dreamer

    Most Precious: Kouros
    Most Expendable: Romance Silver

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive, Least Expensive: Bois Blond - 4711
    Brightest scent, Darkest scent: 4711 - L'Arte di Gucci
    Smoothest Scent, Roughest scent: Bois Blond - Comme des Garcons EdP
    Sweetest Scent, Woodiest scent: Nag Champa - Oud Cuir d'Arabie ( if oud counts as woody? )
    Most Natural, Most Synthetic: Razala - Iquitos ( though the latter is a matter of perception )
    Most Precious, Most expendable: L'Arte di Gucci - 4711

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive - Hypnotic Poison Elixir
    Least Expensive - Cat Deluxe All Night by Naomi Campell
    Brightest scent - Acqua di Gigli by Santa Maria Novella
    Darkest scent - Fahrenheit Absolute (on it's way to me)
    Smoothest Scent - D&G pour Homme; Gaultier2
    Roughest scent - Fahrenheit; Égoïste
    Sweetest Scent - Le Mâle; Joop!; Miss Dior Chérie; Dolce Vita
    Woodiest scent - M7
    Most Natural - D&G Masculine
    Most Synthetic - Joop!; Le Mâle; A*men
    Most Precious - Hypnotic Poison EdT & Elixir; Spellbound
    Most expendable - Kenzo pour Homme; M7
    Last edited by Le Grand Duc; 17th March 2010 at 10:01 AM.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Amouage Homage
    Least Expensive: Maxims Pour Homme

    Brightest scent: The Different Company Osmanthus
    Darkest scent: Lubin Idole

    Smoothest Scent: Villoresi Uomo Profumo
    Roughest scent: Caron Yatagan

    Sweetest Scent: Lutens Arabie
    Woodiest scent: L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe

    Most Natural: Mysore Santalum by D. Dubrana
    Most Synthetic: Terre d'Hermes - in a good way, I might add

    Most Precious: Patou Pour Homme
    Most Expendable: Ormonde Man

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Clive Christian No.1
    Least Expensive: Hai Karate!

    Brightest scent: The Different Company Bergamote
    Darkest scent: Bal a Versailles
    Smoothest Scent: Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Roughest scent: Mitsouko

    Sweetest Scent: Shalimar
    Woodiest scent: Shiseido Basala
    Most Animalic: Jicky
    Most Aldehydes: Chanel No.22
    Most Floral: Joy

    Most Natural: Guerlinade
    Most Synthetic: Chrome

    Most Feminine: Chamade
    Most Masculine: Eau d'Hermes

    Most Precious: Old bottle of Mouchoir de Monsieur I bought years ago.
    Most Dispensable: Coriolan -I know the replacement won't have been reformulated.

    The smile on my face when I see the postman carrying a cardboard box... Priceless
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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: L’Artisan Tea For Two/Dzing!
    Least Expensive: C.O. Bigelow Ginger Mentha ($7!)

    Brightest Scent: Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte
    Darkest Scent: Lubin Idole de Lubin

    Smoothest Scent: Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme
    Roughest Scent: Caron Yatagan

    Sweetest Scent: Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant
    Woodiest Scent: Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant

    Most Natural: L’Artisan Piment Brûlant
    Most Synthetic: Shiseido Auslese Trocken

    Most Precious: Davidoff Zino Davidoff
    Most Expendable: Davidoff Silver Shadow
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    I don't know much about medicine, but I know what I like. -- S.J. Perelman

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Probably one of the two Rance frags I got recently, although they weren't massively expensive
    Least Expensive: Boots Eau de Cologne - 400ml for £1.99

    Brightest Scent: either Body Shop Of A Man, or Roger & Gallet Vetyver
    Darkest Scent: Ungaro 3 (old formula)

    Smoothest Scent: Aramis Havana
    Roughest Scent: VC&A Pour Homme

    Sweetest Scent: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (cologne version) or Trumpers Eau de Quinine
    Woodiest Scent: Atkinsons Men's Care

    Most Natural: Marc Jacobs Splash Fig or Molton Brown Black Pepper
    Most Synthetic: L'Occitane Green Tea & Jasmine (not a bad thing in this case)

    Most Precious: vintage Faberge Brut EDT and Aramis Havana
    Most Expendable: Iceberg Twice, Trumpers Eau de Quinine or Hugo Element
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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Creed Windsor
    Least expensive: Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green

    Brightest scent: Creed Millesime Imperial
    Darkest scent: Maitre Santal Noble (vintage)

    Smoothest scent: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, "waxy" '05 Green Irish Tweed
    Roughest scent: Guerlain Vetiver Sport / Terre D'Hermes

    Sweetest Scent: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    Woodiest scent: L'Occitane Eau Des Baux (my bottle seems cypress/cedar/incense heavy, very dry)

    Most Natural: Sisley Eau De Campagne
    Most synthetic: Creed Silver Mountain Water

    Most Sillage: Caron L'Anarchiste
    Most Longevity: Bogart Pour Homme
    Least sillage/longevity: Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte

    Most carefree: Truefitt West Indian Limes
    Most serious: Maitres Tailleurs

    Most masculine: Hermes Rocabar
    Most Feminine: By Kilian Prelude to Love, Creed Green Valley

    Most Precious: Windsor
    Most expendable: Roger & Gallet JMF Extra Vieille

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive (not including decants): Le Labo (Oud, Patchouli, Rose)
    Least Expensive (not including presents): Diesel Zero Plus

    Brightest scent: Angel Schlesser
    Darkest scent: Vintage Route du Vetiver/Sienne l' Hiver

    Smoothest Scent: L' Homme de Coeur
    Roughest scent: Aoud Lime

    Sweetest Scent: Opium pH edp
    Woodiest scent: Tumulte

    Most Natural: can't categorize that way
    Most Synthetic: can't categorize that way

    Most Precious: they are all my children, but my recent aquisition of a square small bottle of Eau Cendree has made me really happy
    Most Expendable: I would gladly give a decant of anything to anyone who would appreciate it

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive (non-decant): Gendarme
    Least expensive (non-decant): Cool Water

    Brightest scent: L'eau par Kenzo
    Darkest scent: Halston Z-14

    Smoothest scent: Gendarme
    Roughest scent: Polo

    Sweetest Scent: L'eau par Kenzo
    Woodiest scent: Tommy Bahama

    Most Natural: Gendarme
    Most synthetic: Curve; Curve Crush

    Most Longevity: Versace Pour Homme
    Least Longevity: Creed Himalaya

    Most carefree: L'eau par Kenzo; Clinique Happy
    Most serious: Bvlgari Blv (so much so that I don't really have occasions to wear it)

    Most masculine: Polo
    Most Feminine: Hermes Hiris

    Most Precious: Ineke Derring-Do; GIT (only because I have small decants and they are the most expensive to replace)
    Most expendable: Hugo (I've grown hate this stuff and I have a huge 5oz bottle of it)

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Silver Mountain Water
    Least Expensive: Ambre Gris

    Brightest scent: Millesime Imperial
    Darkest scent: Josef Statkus

    Smoothest Scent: PG Cadjmere
    Roughest scent: Bois d'Orage/ French Lover

    Sweetest Scent: Green Valley
    Woodiest scent: French Lover/ Bois d'Orage

    Most Natural: Angeliques sous la Pluie
    Most Synthetic: Bond no. 9 Bleecker Street

    Most Precious: Josef Statkus
    Most Expendable: Bond Wall Street
    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

    Obsessions of the Moment- Kristiansand EDC, Green Irish Tweed, Zizan

    Granted, we've known each other for some time. It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine. ~ Common Sense

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Wow, this is going to stretch my knowledge - I might sound foolish but I'll try:
    Most Expensive: Clive Christian 1872
    Least Expensive: Perry Ellis for Men
    Brightest Scent: Millesime Imperial
    Darkest Scent: SL Muscs Koublai Khan
    Smoothest Scent: Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
    Roughest Scent: SL Borneo 1834
    Sweetest Scent: Penhaligon's LP No 9
    Woodiest Scent: PdN NY
    Most Natural: Honore des Pres Nu Green
    Most Synthetic: JPG le Male
    Most Precious: Bell Jar of SL Muscs Koublai Khan
    Most Expendable: Borsari di Parma

    That was fun! Although I'm sure some of my answers sounded ignorant. Oh well. Have a good day y'all!

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Looks like fun! I'll give this a go...

    Most Expensive: SL Serge Noir (on full bottle basis)
    Least Expensive: Bowling Green

    Brightest scent: Monsieur Balmain
    Darkest scent: HdP 1740

    Smoothest Scent: HdP 1725
    Roughest scent: L'eau Bleue d'Issey pH

    Sweetest Scent: Gucci Rush
    Woodiest scent: RL Polo Explorer

    Most Natural: TDC Bois d'Iris
    Most Synthetic: Azzaro Chrome

    Most Precious: vintage Mitsouko + Shalimar
    Most Expendable: Ferrari Black

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    This is a great post--worthy of a resurrection!

    Most Expensive: Invasion Barbare
    Least Expensive: Avon Perceivel

    Brightest scent: Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale
    Darkest scent: Encre Noir

    Smoothest Scent: Dior Homme Intense
    Roughest scent: A*Men

    Sweetest Scent: H.M. or Pure Malt
    Woodiest scent: Tommy Bahama Original

    Most Natural: .........
    Most Synthetic: Pi Neo Beyond Tropical Paradise

    Most Precious: Invasion Barbare + Pure Malt
    Most Expendable: Avon Perceive

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Givenchy Vetyver
    Least Expensive: Blue Stratos

    Brightest scent: Chrome
    Darkest scent: Zirh Ikon

    Smoothest Scent: Caractere
    Roughest scent: Lapidus PH

    Sweetest Scent: A-Men
    Woodiest scent: Gucci PH 1

    Most Natural: Yves Rocher Nature Homme
    Most Synthetic: Le Male

    Most Masculine: Quorum
    Most Feminine: Obsession (latest version)

    Most Precious: Davidoff Relax
    Most Expendable: Blue Stratos
    My Top '11' : (In no particular order)

    - Dolce & Gabbana: Pour Homme (vtg)
    - Paco Rabanne: pour homme (vtg)
    - Armani: Acqua di Gio Profumo
    - Davidoff: Leather Blend Edp
    - Rasasi: Al Wisam Day
    - Dior: Fahrenheit (vtg)
    - YSL: Kouros (Fraîcheur)
    - Mancera: Cedrat Boise
    - MPG: Santal Noble
    - Knize Ten
    - Amouage: Interlude

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!


    Most Expensive, Least Expensive: Jarling by JAR - Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz
    Brightest scent, Darkest scent: Eau D'Hadrien - Salvador Dali Pour Homme
    Smoothest Scent, Roughest scent: Shalimar Parfum by Guerlain - Private Collection by Estee Lauder
    Sweetest Scent, Woodiest scent: Idole by Lubin - Aramis by Aramis
    Most Natural, Most Synthetic: Yatagan by Caron - Aspen by Coty
    Most Precious, Most expendable: Shalimar Parfum by Guerlain - 4711 by Maurer & Wirtz
    My Top Ten:

    1: Guerlain - Habit Rouge
    2: Guerlain - Jicky
    3: Guerlain - Mouchoir de Monsieur
    4: Guerlain - Shalimar
    5: Knize - Knize Ten
    6: Caron - Yatagan
    7: Caron - Pour Un Homme
    8: Jean Desprez - Bal a Versailles
    9: Yves Saint Laurent - M7
    10: Salvador Dali - Dali Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Clive Christian No 1 Pure Parfum
    Least Expensive: Taxi by Parfums Taxi

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive, Least Expensive; Back to Black by Killian - Rochas Man by Rochas
    Brightest Scent, Darkest Scent; Colonia by Acqua di Parma - Full Incense by Montale
    Smoothest Scent, Roughest Scent; Amber Precieux by MPG - Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle
    Sweetest Scent, Most Edible Scent; Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain - Ambre Narguille by Hermes
    Most Natural, Most Synthetic; Green Irish Tweed by Creed - New Haarlem by Bond no.9
    Most Precious, Most Expendable; Back to Black By Killian - New Haarlem by Bond no.9
    My current top twenty five
    1. Oud Wood
    2. Herod
    3. Pardon
    4. Santal 33
    5. Tonka Imperial
    6. Pure Malt
    7. Straight to Heaven
    8. L'air Du Desert Marocain
    9. Envy
    10. Terre D'Hermes
    11. Colonia Oud
    12. Jubilation XXV
    13. Royal Oud
    14. Bois d' Argent
    15. Tobacco Vanille
    16. Sycomore
    17. Amber Absolute
    18. 1270
    19. Baroanda
    20. Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    21. Rose 31
    22. Dior Homme Intense
    23. Reflection Man
    24. Grey Vetiver
    25. Noir Extreme
    Currently wearing: Epic Man by Amouage

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive: Muscs Koublai Khan - Lutens
    Least Expensive : Infusion D'Homme - Prada

    Brightest scent: Infusion D'Homme - Prada
    Darkest scent: Noir Epices - Malle

    Smoothest Scent: Sycomore - Chanel
    Roughest scent: Yatagan - Caron

    Sweetest Scent: Musc Ravageur - Malle
    Woodiest scent: Sycomore - Chanel

    Most Natural: French Lover - Malle
    Most Synthetic: Tar - CDG

    Most Precious: Muscs Koublai Khan - Lutens
    Most Expendable: Tar - CDG

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive, Least Expensive; Nejma Aoud One - Diesel Zero Plus
    Brightest Scent, Darkest Scent; Terre d'Hermes - Nejma Aoud One
    Smoothest Scent, Roughest Scent; L'instant Extreme - Yatagan
    Sweetest Scent, Most Edible Scent; Bogart PH - Animale Animale
    Most Natural, Most Synthetic; Encre Noir - Bogart PH
    Most Precious, Most Expendable; Nejma Aoud One - Fahrenheit (3 bottles)

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    My most expensive/least expensive pair matches Coconut's

    Most Expensive: Guerlain – Vol de Nuit (parfum)
    Least Expensive: Worth – Je Reviens

    Brightest scent: Les Belles de Ricci - Liberté Acidulée / Liberty Fizz
    Darkest scent: Borneo

    Smoothest Scent: Chanel N5
    Roughest scent: Noir Patchouli

    Sweetest Scent: Un Lys
    Woodiest scent: Cedre

    Most Natural: Chant d'Aròmes
    Most Synthetic: Original Mania - in a good way!

    Most Precious: Guerlain – Vol de Nuit (parfum)
    Most Expendable: White Jasmine & Mint Jo Malone

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Most Expensive - Le Labo Gaiac 10
    Least Expensive - CO Bigelow Elixer Blue

    Brightest scent - Carthusia Uomo
    Darkest scent - Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque

    Smoothest Scent - Kilian Incense Oud
    Roughest scent - Profumum Fumidus

    Sweetest Scent - Chanel Coromandel
    Woodiest scent - Wonderwood or Kenzo Once Upon a Time

    Most Natural - Fragrance Shop Jivako
    Most Synthetic - Ulrich Lang Anvers 2

    Most Precious - Le Labo Rose 31
    Most Expendable - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
    Currently wearing: Leather Oud by Floris

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rompip View Post
    Most Expensive: Furyo by Jacques Bogart
    Least Expensive: 4711
    Brightest scent: Eau Sauvage
    Darkest scent: Z-14
    Smoothest Scent: Antaeus
    Roughest scent: Aramis
    Sweetest Scent: Pi
    Woodiest scent: Gucci PH
    Most Natural: Pino Silvestre
    Most Synthetic: Fahrenheit
    Most Precious: Furyo / KL / Havana
    Most expendable: B*Men
    6 years later.... Much has changed
    Most Expensive: My Lutens'
    Least Expensive: 4711 (unchanged)

    Brightest scent: Virgin Island Water
    Darkest scent: Salvador Dali / Black Aoud

    Smoothest Scent: Piper Nigrum
    Roughest scent: Nautica Latitude Longitude

    Sweetest Scent: Chergui
    Woodiest scent: Gucci PH (unchanged)

    Most Natural: Mandragore
    Most Synthetic: Xeryus Rouge

    Most Precious: Furyo / KL (Unchanged)
    Most expendable: Nautica Latitude Longitude

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    Default Re: Wardrobe EXTREMES!!!

    Not including decants or samples...

    Most Expensive: Vol De Nuit Parfum and Onda Extrait
    Least Expensive: Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green

    Brightest scent: Comme Des Garcons For Stephen Jones
    Darkest scent: Morabito's Or Black

    Smoothest Scent: Vol De Nuit
    Roughest scent: Athunis by Sigilli

    Sweetest Scent: Josef Statkus EDP
    Woodiest scent: Sycomore

    Most Natural: Laurhum by O'Driù
    Most Synthetic: Skai and Odeur 71 by Comme Des Garcons

    Most Precious: Too many to choose from
    Most Expendable: Divin`Enfant by Etat Libre d`Orange
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