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    I just bought a bottle of eau de cartier concentree from sephora and just thought about something, being that it's summer all colognes purchased online are bound to wind up sitting in a smoking hot ups truck for atleast a little you think that even for a short amount of time if the cologne gets hot there is any chance of that altering the scent even a little? oh and i've seen no mention of it here so whoever owns it opinions it would be nice...

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    Hello Cheechmonster and welcome to basenotes. I have Eau de Cartier Concentree....a great fragrance with great lasting Power.
    Not sure about the Hot truck...I quess it's possible that this could be a problem....there are too many unknowns to make a fair judgement IMHO.
    Again....welcome to basenotes.

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    thnx for the reply maybe i'm being paranoid but thats my nature, i tend to worry alot about everything...

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