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    Default Layering fragrances

    I'd be interested maybe in wearing multiple fragrances simultaneously and was wondering if there were any general rules of thumb in coming up with good combinations or is it as simple as whatever works work? I can imagine wearing two very complex frags simultaneously might result in total cacophony. So maybe wearing one complex fragrance along with an additional single note scent might be a good way to go?

    Any opinions?


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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Whenever I layer I tend to use either very similar, or very different fragrances. But you're right, they also tend to be very similar. One combination I enjoy is Dior Hior Energy with L'eau D'issey, or Dior Fahrenheit and A*Men.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I'd like to experiment more with this, even though it's frowned upon here it seems. when layering i would try to use less complexx fragrances together, fragrances with less notes, or one very strong note, like say a sandalwood layered with something else that is a one note fragrance.
    Alternatively i would use similar frags, boss bottled and givenchy very irresistable summer is a good example i think.

    other instances of layering that work well would be, when you've worn something in the morning and it has dried down very much by the evening and you layer an evening scent that flows with the last hint of what you were wearing during the day..i think VIS in the daytime would flow seamlessly into boss bottled at night. there would be no need to wash off the VIS before applying the boss.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I've worn Rochas Man and Bulgari Blu together...I like it.

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Today I am wearing Tuscany Forte with M7 Fresh.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I've found that Clinique Happy is a very good frag to use in layering. I like the following combos from my wardrobe:

    Happy + TM Cologne (or Creed OV)
    Happy + Chrome
    Happy + CK Eternity Summer
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    two sprays kouros and three sprays of obsession, smells quite interesting

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Thanks all for the suggestions. One thing I would like to do is layer a long lasting scent under a shorter lasting one so that when one fades there's still something nice left to smell. I'm thinking of Roma that I've just tried. Love the scent but it's too short lived. Maybe I can extend it somehow by wearing some additonal notes that are already in the frag.

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    in my experience, your idea of adding a desired note to a complex frag by using a more straight-forward, unadulterated kind of frag is spot on. I have customized my Dior Homme by spraying a few blasts of Bulgari Black on maybe 15 minsa fter applying DH. Gorgeous: all that cocoa powderish vaguely leatheriness with a matte ruberized finish.

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    sl fumerie turque with a little mkk is one potent mixture

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Some nice ideas above; the Bulgari Black over the Dior Homme sounds particularly tempting. A combination I have tried is Guerlain Vetiver on top of Miller Harris Terre de Bois and it worked really well.

    Jo Malone scents are good for layering, because they are mostly very simple in composition.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Another advantage I imagine with tweaking commercial fragrances with additional scents is that if you come up with a killer combo it's becomes your own unique scent.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I too have tried the Bvlgari Black + Dior Homme layered combo with excellent results.. but I think that the oddes frag combination I've ever stumbled across.. was mixing Laura Bigiotti's Roma Uomo, and Polo Crest... Roma being quite sweet, seems to gain some nice depth when mixed with a scent with considerable spice.... I'd be curious of anyone out there has found a good way to layer scents like Rive Gauche or Kouros, or other scents, that I generally find a little 'much' on their own...


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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I would use Tam Dao to add a little darker (incense) note to many fresh fragrances and would use CSP vanilla or any CSP to add a touch of tropical undertone to some oriental/woody frags (soften them a bit)

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    If you spray a "simple" fragrance (like Messe de Minuit, Heliotrope by Etro, Cuiron or Helmut Lang EdP) before/after you spray something else, they give new hues to the fragrance.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by perfectscent
    I would use Tam Dao to add a little darker (incense) note to many fresh fragrances and would use CSP vanilla or any CSP to add a touch of tropical undertone to some oriental/woody frags (soften them a bit)
    Tam Dao seems to me to be a great idea for a layering scent, because (to my nose anyway) it is almost a pure, straightforward sandalwood basenote. Could go with a lot of things, and lend some weight and depth.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    not thinking, today i sprayed very irressistable for men by givinchi on about 4-5 hours after body kouros... and it's brought very irressistable to life

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    A combination I tried yesterday that I like is Ungaro III with Sublime by Patou.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I have just a few moments ago applied a combi of Paco Rabanne PH (sprayed on first), straightaway followed by generous dabbing of Tabac Blond by Caron. The combined smell is fantastic right now!
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I want to try: C&S nr. 88 with cdg avignon

    also had the idea maybe I could use all my demeter samples (I got like 14 of them on ebay) and put them at various places for a scentsational "trip around the world" . . .

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    New amazing discovery!!!

    Step 1: Apply substantial amounts of Chanel Égoïste all over body and arms using the atomiser.

    Step 2: A tiny dab here and there of Caron Tabac Blond.

    The result: breathtaking.

    I'm starting to think I should get into this layering thing more. I may order some samples from Les Senteurs again to get experimenting on a more adventurous scale.
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I'm just happy-go-lucky with my tries. I want to be surprised!
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Just tried M7+Rochas Man - so far so good.

    Updates later. . . .

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I think musc ravageur would make a good base for a lot of things on top.

    in fact, I like mark birley on top of it lol

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    My first combo was TM Cologne with Gucci ph sprayed on after.

    Pretty nice, somewhat lighter version of the gucci.

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Kouros will pretty much liven up anything. It's like plugging any given fragrance into an electrical socket. A good base before any other colognes. Which is not to say that it mixes with everything, but when it does find a happy's great. It's good to freshen up whatever you put on earlier, too.

    I also use CK one to blend at times, as well.
    Last good mix? LV's Uomo and CK one.

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    Maybe this is crazy. I layer A*Men with Guerlain´s Veitver....Amazng combination....

    The crazyest smells almost exactly as Hermessence Vetiver Tonka....

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I used to layer a lot.. here are some formula's I came up with:

    Guerlain Vetiver + Bvlgari PH
    Rive Gauche + Guerlain Vetiver + LV Musk
    Ungaro III + Voleur de Roses + LV Musk (lotsa roooose)
    CB's Burning Leaves + Gathering Apples (mmm so autumn-y)
    Kouros + Rive Gauche (haha wow)
    Fendi Uomo + CB Musk (musk monster)
    M7 + M7 Fresh (this one's obvious. The M7 just gives M7 fresh a better base, or the other way around: M7 Fresh giving M7 a livelier top)
    Guerlain Vetiver + LV Musk

    Yeah, I kind of stuck w the same ingredients because they were easy to blend w others

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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I just tried last night to achieve the following:

    T42 by combining Bulgari Black and Dior Bois D'Argent

    Did some algebraic calculations, held the 2 as the common denominator, and determined that:

    Bulgari Black + Dior Bois D'Argent T42 (drydown, nor initial blast)
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    Default Re: Layering fragrances

    I mix and layer quite often. I usually go with nnotes that complement each other. For example - roots usually go very well together. Try ginger, vetiver and iris together - and that makes a wonderful combination. So infact, Creed Original Vetiver and Dior Homme makes a great combination.

    One of the best combinations I have worn was Creed Fleurissimo and Bulgari Black. The intense floral mixes well with the rubbery leather and vanilla.

    Another really incredible combination is Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau with L'Artisan Parfumer's Safran Troublant. Greens up the almost cloying sweetness of the middle phase of Safran Troublant.

    CdG Avignon is a great combination over anything vanillic - I use it to dry out Caron's pour une homme.

    Also use Bergamot or lemon - for which I use Eau d'Hadrien over L'Heure Bleu to inject some of the the cologny freshness into the carnation heart. Works equally well with 4711 which I use as an after bath splash.

    A recently discovered excellent combination is Timbuktu and Amber Extreme - both from L'artisan - in which the amber goes to sweeten the green earthy incensy dryness of Timbuktu.

    I have heard that a lot of Serge Lutens layer very well, especially F d'O with a Cuir Mauresque. I do not have Cuir Mauresque - but I can easily see how a white floral could liven up a smoky oriental leather.

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